July , 2018
Belarusian Automobile Manufacturer Eyeing Indian Markets
12:17 pm

B.E. Bureau

A 4-Member delegation representing one of the leading automotive manufacturers of the Republic of Belarus- Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) visited Bharat Chamber of Commerce on   July 21, 2018 to explore the possibilities of procurement of automotive spare parts and raw materials from Indian manufacturers, particularly those in West Bengal. The delegates from the Republic of Belarus visited ‘BHARAT CHAMBERS’, Kolkata and interacted in a B to B discussion session with some of the leading manufacturers of engineering items, ferro alloys and other components in Eastern India.  “MAZ procures almost 30% of its spare parts and component requirements from other countries. Given the unstable economic conditions in the European market, right now we want to diversify our geographical boundaries and India is one of the main places where we want develop our relationship for the procurement of spare parts and raw materials. We are looking for spare parts and chemical manufacturers in India who use good technology and supply quality products” stated Mr. Alexei Lutsenko, Deputy Director General-Purchasing Director, Minsk Automobile Plant.

Sitaram Sharma, President, Bharat Chamber of Commerce ob-served that West Bengal once had a strong base in the automobile industry and still has a strong manufacturing base of engineering items. The Minsk Automobile Plant can profitably explore this market for fulfilling their spare parts and raw material purchase requirements, observed the Chamber President. He added that normally the Chamber welcomes delegations who are interested in marketing their products whereas it is a happy augury that the visiting Belarusian delegation has chosen to visit West Bengal as the objective of purchasing raw materials and spare parts for the automotive manufacturing activities in Belarus.


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