March , 2018
Birla Corporation Limited invests in latest technology to manufacture cement
16:12 pm

B.E. Bureau

Birla Corporation Limited is the flagship Company of the M.P. Birla Group. Under the Chairmanship of Priyamvada Birla, the Company crossed the Rs 1,300-crore turnover mark and its name was changed to Birla Corporation Limited in 1998. Harsh V. Lodha is now Chairman of the Company.

The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of cement as its core business activity. It has significant presence in the jute goods industry as well. More than 90% of the Company’s sales turnover comes from its cement division alone. In 2016-17, the Company had a total turnover of  Rs 4,981 crore and of this Rs 4,643 crore were contributed by the Cement Division alone.

The Company acquired 100% shares of Reliance Cement Company Private Limited (Reliance Cement), a subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure Limited. After this acquisition, Reliance Cement has become a wholly-owned material subsidiary of Birla Corporation Limited.

The Cement Division of Birla Corporation Limited has 10 plants at seven locations, Satna and Maihar (Madhya Pradesh), Raebareli and Kundanganj (Uttar Pradesh), Chanderia (Rajasthan), Butibori (Maharashtra) and Durgapur (West Bengal). All the plants of the Company have been extensively modernised, incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology to manufacture cement of the finest quality for perfect construction.

MP Birla Cement is one of the oldest manufacturers of Portland cement in the country. Today, Birla Corporation Limited has its annual production capacity of more than 15 million tonnes, making it one of the top five cement producers in North India. It also has the widest range of cement brands – MP Birla Cement PERFECT, MP Birla Cement ULTIMATE, MP Birla Cement UNIQUE, MP Birla Cement ULTIMATE ULTRA, MP Birla Cement CHETAK, MP Birla Cement PSC, MP Birla Cement SAMRAT, MP Birla Cement MULTICEM and MP Birla Cement CONCRECEM, catering to various construction needs, climatic conditions, regional and customer preferences, etc.

Its Cement Se Ghar Tak campaign goes beyond the conventional route by adding value of providing on-site expert technical services to home builders. The dedicated Customer Support Services (CSS) team not only provides advice but also estimates costs, recommends the right type/grade of cement for diverse construction requirements, and guides the home-builder through crucial steps during various phases of building the super-structure. MP Birla Cement has more than 100 qualified technical field support engineers and more than 50 fully equipped mobile construction material testing laboratories.

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