March , 2018
Donate organs and save lives
14:09 pm

Sd. Paramjit Singh Chandok

Chairman of Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi


Today, it is time for universal brotherhood and the time has come for secularism. When Guru Nanak was born 548 years ago, there was exploitation of all kinds. So it was said that Guru Nanak had come to diminish it. In Kalyug, Guru Nanak was such a great human being who showed unhappy, unprivileged people the way to fight against exploitation and to follow the path of righteousness. He travelled 40,000 km in order to spread his teachings. Guru Govind Singh sacrificed his family to save Hindu Dharma and hoisted the flag for secularism. He made a team of different religions – Khalsa to protect the nation. Today we are forgetting that the sacrifice of these Gurus was for secularism and in this country we have to establish secularism. So friends, today in this great occasion I am talking about universal brotherhood and secularism.

Air is getting polluted in our country. We have limited our family by having two children, but we are not concerned about climate and nature. We need to vow to plant trees in order to protect the country. You have already witnessed how children are having respiratory problems due to pollution and climate change.  Elders are also suffering. Lastly, I would request you all to donate your organs, be it eyes, kidney or liver. Save lives. Medicine and treatment has become so costly. Imam Saab was appealing to pray when an ambulance passes and I would add to that and request you to donate organs. It will be the best service to humanity.

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