March , 2019
14:55 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

Dear Readers,

Enlightenment is a journey within through service. Enlightened sants, rishis and individuals have realised ‘I’ and then ‘He’. “If you know ‘I’ then, you know ‘Him’” – said Lalan Fakir. Service to Humanity and creation of God is worship of God. - Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa

It is with this philosophy Kanoria Foundation, Srei Foundation and Universal Spirituality and Humanity Foundation, with media partner Business Economics, had organised the 11th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality during December 21-22, 2018 at the Westin Hotel, Kolkata. The event was essentially aimed at highlighting the growing relevance of humanity, unity amid diversity, peace, harmony, a spirit of cooperation and generosity, and to work hard with devotion, selflessly and fearlessly to create wealth and to generate wealth for the welfare of living beings and Mother Earth. The confluence was graced by a galaxy of global speakers, spiritual leaders, heads of states, former heads of nations, bureaucrats, diplomats, educationists, students, social activists, politicians, entrepreneurs, authors, philosophers and leaders from multiple religions. Many foreign dignitaries too graced the occasion. It was applauded widely and appreciated by the guests and audience alike.

God is a cosmic entity without any beginning and end. Hindu Dharma is Sanatan Dharma, which is without beginning or end. It is said that God was alone. He manifested himself with the Universe. So, God is in all living beings; in the hearts of all living beings who are His children. Lord Krishna said            ‘sarva bhuta hite rataah’. I am seated in the hearts of all beings.

The Hindu Dharma is the most universal tolerance, acceptance and righteousness. Bharat practices all religions. The Hindu Dharma is based on divine evolution as well as realization. The strength of

Hindu Dharma lies in the infinite power of oneness; of infinite diversity that blends into one beautiful divine truth of being.

Each path leads the individual to reach the same goal. So there is no distrust of another point of view with respect to God. It is to protect one’s own faith, one’s own path, one’s own way of devotion, worship and realization of God. Protection of one’s own culture and nationality is like protection of one’s own mother. Rishi Aurobindo said Hindu Dharma is reflected in a mighty, eternal and universal truth, and not in dogma, creed, bundles of formula, or a set of social rules. It is for the sacredness of man’s soul, for the divine condition of identity with infinite existence of God.

World: Global trade is not only under pressure, but it is weakening due to trade tensions, political risks and financial volatility. Growing global debt is a major concern. Recent evidence has indicated that credit booms often end in busts of seismic proportions. Since 2015, world private sector debt has risen by around 15% of world GDP. Emerging markets have been the main driver. China has been the leader. It will have severe impact on the slowing down of global economy.

Indian economy: Prime Minister Modi says the size of Indian economy will soon double to USD 5 trillion. It is on the path of becoming USD 10-trillion economy, the third-largest economy. India is a land of opportunities. On ‘Ease of Doing Business’ rankings, India has advanced to 77th position in 2018 from 142nd in 2015. Frequent changes in rules and regulations and other factors have been keeping the investors shy from investing. Inordinate delays in numerous approvals at each stage are leading to abnormal time and cost overruns, many a times making the project unviable and jeopardizing all investments made. Projects worth more than Rs. 50 lakh crore including social projects are stressed due to these factors. Leaders and authorities concerned should be made responsible and accountable. Let there be investigations as to why such inordinate delays in implementation are happening. Global trade meets being organised by respective states and the central government is a mere wastage of scarce capital/fund. NITI Aayog has suggested that the investment rate be raised from 29% of GDP in FY 2018 to 36% by FY 2023. Relaxation is needed in labour rules and land acquisition. Savings must be improved. Public-Private participation, use of idle land with PSUs and state governments, completion of infrastructure projects, ensuring a pucca house to every family both in rural and urban areas, availability of quality power to all need urgent action. Growth has to inclusive, sustainable, clean and formalised.

RBI should relax the lending restrictions imposed on banks under Prompt Corrective Action (PCA). Restructuring of stressed assets needs to be eased and the norm of default for even one day’s delay in repayment needs to be reviewed. RBI has given Rs. 28,000 crore as dividend to the Government of India. The government has proposed to infuse Rs. 48,000 crore to banks. Stringent and unpractical actions of the government and RBI had almost wiped out the market capitalisation of banks. Had it not been done, banks could have mobilised more capital from market. Bharat is wasting large working human capital and scarce capital.

Addressing the Global Business Summit, Prime Minister Modi said that growth can be both pro-growth and pro-poor at the same time. He wants to make an India of countless start-ups, give people energy security, and drive growth in two parallel tracks providing physical infrastructure and social infrastructure for all while containing inflation. Only 5%-10% of start-ups are successful. Impractical Angel Tax, delay in approvals and other frequent changes in rules and regulations have been throttling start-ups. Start-ups will provide growth and jobs. Let them be not nipped in the bud. In 2017-2018 India had a trade deficit with China of USD 63 billion and a trade surplus of USD 21.27 billion with USA. India’s export of goods and services are expected to be USD 500 billion for 2018-2019.

BE condemns the heinous killing of 49 jawans of CRPF by terrorists supported by Pakistan. Bharatwasi need to stand together. We all pray for the peace of the departed souls. May God bless their families with the strength to bear with this irreparable loss.

Leaders of Bharat should act on the message of Lord Krishna to Arjun in the battlefield to establish Dharma (Righteousness). Let Bharatwasi be not divided based on castes, religions, affluence and richness. All Bharatwasi must work hard to establish peace and harmony, spread love, foster a spirit of co-operation. Swami Vivekananda said “Face the Brutes”.


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