January , 2019
Emerging trends in Indian weddings
16:41 pm

Isha Chakraborty

Marriages are made in heaven, they say. But weddings, they are meticulously planned and created extravaganzas. Goa-based wedding planner, Sandra Sousa Menon, told BE, “This year, we noticed many couples opting for minimalist decor, while others went for unconventional additions and preferred to style their events in more casual ways. Personalisa-tion has made its way into every aspect of Indian weddings, as couples proudly show their unique personalities and styles. Couples are letting the feel of their celebration dictate the details.”

Wedding invitation:

Wedding stationery is one of the most exciting items in a wedding. Wedding cards mark the start of the auspicious journey and there are various styles that are emerging in this segment. Starting from watercolour to dark backgrounds, colours have made a statement in wedding cards. Acrylic, letterpress, calligraphic styles, and lastly floral or golden designs are in vogue in this segment.

Wedding venue:

Wedding venues were one of the basic requirements but that has changed with time. People are splurging on unique wedding venues that stand apart. They can be historic sites, expensive hotel lawns, beaches or even plush banquets. Covered rooftops are also gaining traction for smaller weddings whereas open-air tents are in trend for big gatherings. Gunjan Bansal, C.E.O, L’amore Weddings, told BE, “An important emerging trend involves destination weddings. Many couples want to have an intimate wedding in an exotic location with their close family and friends. It allows them to spend quality time with their close family and friends and party every day.”

Menon said, “The modern Indian couple is determined to make their wedding a cut above the rest. They are the ones driving decisions regarding venues. After all, a wedding worthy of breaking the Internet needs an equally Instagram-worthy backdrop.”

Wedding jewellery and clothing:

Serious innovations have been made in terms of wedding jewellery. Gold, though popular, is not the only option. Jewellery designers are increasingly using other metals for wedding jewellery. Double stranded necklaces with smaller earrings are also in trend for brides who want to keep it rich yet minimalistic. Mathapattis have made their way back this season. Chandbalis, chokers and multi-layered neck pieces are also gaining popularity. In the realm of wedding attire, brides are going beyond the established colours and selecting pastels. But the classic red remains an all-time favourite. The veil is gaining popularity and brides are increasingly taking to it on their special day. Personalisation of wedding attire is another important aspect.

Wedding décor:

Wedding décor is an important input to modern weddings.

It either matches with the whole theme or contrasts the bride's and groom’s costumes. Vintage décor has been a popular theme. Flowers are extensively used in Indian wedding and add a touch of freshness. An outdoor wedding can also include bohemian themes to give a different vibe. Menon added, “Millennial's are revolutionising weddings. Flowers are being extensively used in wedding décor in India. But many modern nature inspired themes do not involve flowers. Greenery and grass are being used extensively. Every couple is trying to find the next big unique way to tell their story and styling and props are being used in a big way.”

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