December , 2019
The Game
17:37 pm

Aditi Singh

“It is 11 oʼclock and Rohan has not come home,” wondered Leena. She was 57 years old. She has a son of 20, named Rohan. Everything was at peace in their lives except the fact that Leena was suffering from brain cancer and it was not known to her son.

Leena sat on her rocking chair worrying about her son Rohan who till then had not reached home. Usually Rohan arrived home early. Leena felt that he might have met with an accident but she tried to stay positive.

Rohan was in one of his friend’s house. He was not able to inform his mother as his phone battery was down. After having dinner, they started playing the game ‘Truth or Dare’. Rohan was not at all worried about his mother and the time. Leena’s head started to ache because of the pressure she exerted on her mind. She was so worried about Rohan that she completely forgot that she was not supposed to take so much stress. But Rohan was not at all worried about his mother and he was enjoying himself. While playing the game, a moment came where Rohan was asked to reveal one truth about his mother.

He said, “My mother, never takes tension or stress even in the worst situation.” After he completed, none of his friends believed him, so in the next chance, one of his friends, Joy, chose ‘dare’ and was given a task to do. The task was that he was supposed to text Rohan’s mother, “Aunty, I am very sorry to inform you that Rohan has met with an accident tonight and he has got major injuries. Due to excessive loss of blood, the doctors were not able to save him.”

At 1 oʼclock, Leena read the message. She was standing near the library. She fell on the ground. She felt as if something fell inside her as well. She was bitten by remorse. The world appeared totally dark to her. She thought that there is now no reason for her to live. Her head started to pain vigorously.

She became unconscious. While taking her last breath, she took the name of her beloved son ‘Rohan’. When Rohan returned home, he found his mother lying unconscious on the floor. Immediately he took her to the hospital. The doctor told him, “Sir, the cells inside your mother’s brain have burst due to stress. She is no more and I am sorry for not being able to help you.”

The author is a Class-IX Agrasian Balika Siksha Sadan

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