January , 2019
Gems of Avama
15:27 pm

B.E. Bureau

The jewellery market is growing in India. The sector is witnessing the entry of new international players in addition to the presence of important national companies. Avama is one-of-a-kind jewellery brand offering innumerable designs in gold and gems. Abhishek Kajaria, Founder, Avama Jewellers spoke to BE’s Kuntala Sarkar.

Q. What are the metals and gems that you specialise in?

A. We work with gold and other precious metals. In terms of gems, we work with diamond, polki, ruby, sapphire, emerald and other precious stones.

Q. What is your brand’s USP?

A. The USP of our brand is the sparkling range of jewellery which is tailored for all budgets.  Moreover, meticulous attention to detail is combined with inspirational design to keep the vintage aesthetic essence intact. Our whole collection is somewhat exclusive. But the highlight of our brand is our exclusive Temple Jewellery Collection. Our sleek long diamond chains are also quite popular. 

Q. How was your company’s journey in the current fiscal?

A. The journey was pretty thrilling. We were well prepared for the retail business but each day came with new experiences and challenges. The response that we received was more than what we had expected. We hope to continue with our growth in the coming fiscal as well.

Q. Do you think that the jewellery market is favouring costume jewelleries?

A. Though costume jewellery has gained a lot of popularity, the charm of fine jewellery will always remain. Especially for occasions like weddings, engagements or any other milestone celebrations - people still prefer fine jewellery. Moreover, fine metal jewellery can always be liquidated and its value appreciates as well.

Q. Who are your target customers?

A. There is no specific age group or any particular financial segment that we target. We cater to the needs of everyone, irrespective of age, gender or financial status. Fine jewellery by Avama Jewellers is jewellery for all. We have ornaments and accessories for children and for women of all age groups. We also have exclusive jewellery items for men.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. The customers can expect a wider variety of jewellery. We are working on new concepts and ideations. We are also working on a variety of budget-friendly jewellery.

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