October , 2018
Home decor demand from non-residential sectors is also growing
15:35 pm

B.E. Bureau

The furnishing and home décor sector is well-linked to the real estate sector. With renewed demand in the latter, the furnishing and home decor segment is looking up. BE’s Isha Chakraborty spoke to Reeshab Agarwal, Managing Director, Stellar Furnishings and Schillere, about.


Home décor doesn’t just provide an aesthetically pleasing look to our houses but it also makes our houses more presentable and improves functionality. Whether a house is being decorated or remodelled or an office is being built, it is of the utmost importance that certain specific elements are incorporated into it. Apart from the daily household necessities, it is also important to not overlook the fact that the business is growing in the business sector as well. The hotels, restaurants and other fancy places have adopted these new styles to suit customer’s needs and likings. Decorating homes can help conceal any kind of design flaws and customise homes to suit a customer’s lifestyle and requirements.

Q. What is it that makes your brand stand out?

A. We cater to all kinds of segments, which include traditional, vintage, rustic, retro, and modern styles. We provide fully customised furniture as per the client’s needs and requirements. We also provide the best quality of material and wood like mahogany and teak.

Q. Who are your target customers?

A. Our products are generally for the niche market. Schillere mainly sells popular designs, which can be customised as per the client’s need.

Q. Are your designs at par with the market trends or are they different?

A. We have a large collection of designs. That includes traditional as well as modern designs. We depend a lot on our client’s inputs before designing their furniture and if the client wants anything different, we can surely provide that.

Q. Do you focus on any particular sector?

A. No. There is no sector that we exclusively work for. We have partnered with hotels like the Hotel Hindustan International and Novotel and have also worked with the Taj and ITC groups.  We have also worked with malls and have corporate clients like SBI, Tata Steel, and Garden Reach Ship Builders (GRSB) in Kolkata. We also work with interior decorators and individual clients. 

Q. What is the present market demand?

A. You must understand that people don’t buy furniture every day. But we are a comprehensive furniture brand and have furniture for the full house. The demand that we experience is steady.

Q. Home décor is not restricted to residential buildings anymore. How has been your experience with corporate clients?

A. Yes the demand from the non-residential sectors is growing. We have been associated we various hotels, banks, malls, hospitals, and schools. Their emphasis is on fusion designs, which are a mix of traditional and modern styles. Contemporary designs are also in vogue.

Q. Do you have an international presence? How is the export market?

A. Yes, we have done many projects internationally. We have worked with interior designers in Australia, Bangladesh, and Singapore. We have furnished one of the king’s bungalows in Bhutan. We export our products to several Asian countries and to some Western countries as well.


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