March , 2018
Humanity and Spirituality goes hand-in-hand
14:55 pm

H.E. Nilesh Roneel Kumar

Acting High Commissioner of Fiji in New Delhi

Dr. HP Kanoria, respected spiritual leaders, panelists, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to give my hearty congratulations to Dr. Kanoria because what you are doing is serving the people. I would like to thank you for the event.

We have been discussing about spirituality unfolding humanity which was the theme of this confluence. Ladies and gentlemen, when I say about humanity, when I feel about spirituality, I feel that both the thing goes together. It is often seen that nowadays with this changing world and technolog, we are seeing that spirituality is going slightly behind while other things are overtaking. I feel when the problem itself is human being, the solution itself is human being because as human beings we tend to forget about our needs and we start going after our wants. Today people are so much engrossed in materialistic things that they forget that they have to achieve other things in life as well.

That is the major problem the world is facing today. Love everyone, and that is something which is going behind. When we visit temples, when we visit the house of God, we always pray for the welfare of our family. But there must be very few people who pray for others too. It’s a challenge for us because we have to see things in a more realistic way. The problem that we are facing today, it is being created by men and the solution has to come by men itself. Once again I would like to thank all the organizers, panelists, and spiritual leaders who have been part of this confluence and wish them another fruitful day.

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