December , 2017
Humanity and Spirituality - a social initiative by Kanoria Foundation
13:52 pm

Anup K. Gupta

The seeds of values and ethics which were planted some ten years back with honest spirit has now grown into an institution and turned to a movement. World Confluence of Humanity Power and Spirituality is no longer an annual event but has gathered the highest momentum to inspire people to work for society and is emboldened by a concern for humanity and is backed by the strength of spirituality that enlightens and helps awakening through the journey within. Over the years, this movement has motivated and inspired many to undertake service for humanity. When a motive is right everything goes right and the movement has succeeded and been well-accepted. Sri Ramakrishna blessed his devotees and said, “May you be awakened”. Swami Vivekananda also gave similar  call, “Arise, awake and stop not till you reach the goal.”

With this as the foundation, the world confluence started marching to reach the goal, “To generate love and not hatred” and  to belive strongly in Sri Ramakrishna’s philosophy of “ As many Faiths so many Paths” and “To Serve people as to Serve God.” World confluence is  a symbol of carrying the spirit of all paths equally. It acts as a prism with a difference. Here all seven colours pass and become one transparent colour like rays of the Sun which  gives light equally to the rich and poor, black and white, men and women.

The originator of this idea Dr.Hari Prasad Kanoria  is as much of a philonthapist as a successful corporate figure. He is a true human, a person with exeptional humility and also a sucessful entreprenuer. The World Confluence of Humanity Power and Spirituality is gaining ground because of Dr H.P Kanoria’s personal outlook based on Swami Vivekananda’s thought.

Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria has a unique profile which speaks about his strong bias for doing   welfare work for society very silently. He has picked up a few tasks for community development. The activities are related broadly to education, inspiration and self- development, women empowerment, and on creating skills and raising employability among the youth. Being a strong believer in the philosophy and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Kanoria adopted these core activities and has institutionalised the same with a holistic approach.


Dr Kanoria believes that the basics  for developing a strong  foundation for students depend on a scientific approach in education  and  come with discipline coupled with respect and  equal regard for culture and heritage of India  which  generates Sanskar and inspires the students to become righteous human beings. The backbone of society is capable students having strong human values. With the objective to groom children properly through trained teachers, Dr. Kanoria has initiated a Montessori Teachers’ training programme where eligible female candidates are encouraged to enrol. He has also opened a model school, where besides formal teaching, creative aspects are given importance. He has also initiated a project to support schools in rural areas and also supports schools in slums areas near Tiljola in Park Circus where formal education is given to the deprived children.

In order to foster mental strength and self-confidence, Dr. Kanoria has initiated projects supporting meritorious students, who in spite of securing higher positions in the state school examinations, suffer due to financial constraints. To assist them to carry out their studies, Dr. Kanoria has created a scholarship scheme called Swami Vivekananda Merit Scholarship. 162 students from West Bengal and other states have been given these scholarships. 

A youth convention was recently organised under the stewardship of Dr. Kanoria where students and youth interacted with various academicians, and Sanyasis of Ramakrishna Mission and Sarada Math.

It is worthwhile to mention that one scholarship recipient Kausik Naskar has secured the First Class First position in M.Sc. in Physics. He is opting for his Ph.D. programme and will now earn an adequate government stipend. Another scholarship recipient Prasenjit Sengupta has secured the highest position in the final examination in his engineering college in Asansol and has been selected for an executive job in Tata Consultancy Services. A girl scholarship holder has secured a position in her first M.B.B.S examination. Similarly, five drop out girls students who received support and hailing from the Tiljola slums could secure over 50% marks in their school leaving examination. Arati Shaw from Tiljola has been receiving financial support and has secured 82% in her higher secondary examination.

Inspiration and Self-Development

The Institute Of Inspiration and Self Development (IISD) has been established in Kolkata by Dr. Kanoria in order to inspire and motivate the youth. The institute has a mission to inspire students to look beyond the syllabus stereo types and encourage inner self development. The other objective is to run such courses which will enable the students to find employment.

In November 2015, a batch of 30 graduates, both girls and boys, from rural areas were taken for training in collaboration with Ramakrishna Math Baghbazar under Ramakrishna Math and Mission and Tata Consultancy services. After 3 months of training, 16 girls and boys got appointment in the TCS Company.

Nibedita Sewing College

Nibedita Sewing College has been established jointly with Ramakrishna Ananda Ashram. The project is intended to benefit women who are in the age group of 16 years and above and hailing from remote areas. Till date, over 400 women have received training and have been empowered and employed by this noble venture.    

Dr. Kanoria has also arranged a number of computers and presented them to local centres in order to train students from above class VIII onwards. A computer centre has been opened in Falta, West Bengal to help the local children. Acid victims have also been brought back to the mainstream under the leadership of Dr. Kanoria. He has been associated with this project for quite some time and has received widespread recognition for his noteworthy involvement.

Such a wide array of philanthropic activities is carried out under the aegis of the World Confluence of Humanity Power and Spirituality. “Practise first and then preach others” is the saying but in the case of Dr. Kanoria, he engages in a large array of philanthropic activities but seldom exhibits his humanitarian activities. This is the outcome of World Confluence which is not a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but an Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) related programme that leads to a feeling  from “ME”  to “WE”. It is truly a successful journey within.

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