April , 2018
India has really opened its doors to women entrepreneurs Divya Himatsingka
15:35 pm

B.E. Bureau

Q. What made you venture into the fitness industry and what is the idea behind SKULPT?

A. I ventured into it as I wanted to add value to the city and fitness was my forte. I had got into the fitness industry 13 years ago when there were very few gyms in the city and the demand for the same was immense.

Q. What struggles did you face while establishing SKUPLT?

A. While establishing the gym, the most difficult area was recruitment. Since I didn’t have the experience at that time, choosing the right team was a challenge. However, I was eventually blessed by being able to assemble a great team. Many of them have stayed on with me.

Q. How is SKULPT different from other fitness institutions?

A. SKULPT is different from other fitness institutions in only one aspect and that is customer service. We do whatever it takes and whatever is within our control to make sure that every member’s need is fulfilled and every grievance is addressed. SKULPT as a gymnasium, has pioneered diverse activities in this city, which is not only out-of-the-box but also gives each participant a reason to expect something different each time. To satisfy the adventurous traits of members, we initiated in-house training for treks and other outdoor activities. With a host of nouvelle training routines, it is the one-stop destination for trek training, aqua workout, HIIT, sand tracking, marathon training and much more.

Q. What according to you are the constraints for women entrepreneurs in India?

A. I do not think that women entrepreneurs face any constraints in India. In fact, India has really opened its doors to women entrepreneurs. I speak from experience as I have managed to run my organisation very comfortably.

Q. How can women be encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship and what initiatives should the government take to help them?

A. Encouraging women first comes from their families. Once the families are open-minded to the women becoming entrepreneurs then other doors can be opened easily. I don’t think the government should differentiate between men and women and provide anything special to women. That is the only way women can prove that they are no less than men.

Q. What are the three most important things an entrepreneur needs to do to attain success?

A. The three most important things an entrepreneur needs to bear in mind are:

l Walk the talk. Don’t have double standards.

l Values and principles must be the same across the board. Each person needs to speak the same language and believe in the same principles of honesty and integrity.

l Respect for employees brings in tremendous success as this keeps their morale high and no organisation can work if the employees are not happy and satisfied. Therefore, love
your people.

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