May , 2017
Indian made beauty brands gain an edge over foreign brands
15:03 pm

Varsha Singh


Jovees is an Indian cosmetics brand that started in September 2004 with around 24 products. Now the brand has a range of almost 125 skin, hair, and body care products. The brand blends Ayurveda with modern science. Their major products are face washes, facial scrubs, moisturizers, sun care products, treatment products that help to cure acne and pigmentation and products that help mitigate wrinkles and fine lines. The company also have an impressive hair care line-up that includes anti hair loss shampoo and hair repair shampoo.Their new launches include Jovees Premium Day Cream, Night Cream, and Age Defense Cream.

Rakesh Misri, Business Head, Jovees Herbal Care India Limited, informed BE about the major criteria that guide their product launches and said, “Firstly, our research and development wing keeps researching on herbs and comes up with innovative products and secondly, our launches are guided by consumer needs.”

Herbal-based cosmetic products are capturing the Indian market. People are more drawn towards natural products instead of chemical products. Talking about the market, Misri told BE, “We have doubled our sales in the last five years. The positive responses that we have received from consumers and our business partners are the driving force for us. We use many different strategies to communicate about our products which include digital platforms, print media, mall activations, etc.”

He added, “We sell mainly via retail shops and also use selected on-line platforms to sell Jovees products.” The
quality control of products is another important aspect for the business of a brand. He also said, “We have three state-of- the art- manufacturing units in Rudrapur and Noida. We have on board highly qualified and experienced scientists and professionals, many of them with more than 25 years of experience. The team is responsible for the entire processes of production and quality control.”

The brand has ensured a global presence and is doing well in Sri Lanka, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Maldives,
Australia and Spain.

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional skin care brand, which exudes the goodness of Ayurveda. The brand started in 2000 and is now one of the leading brands in the country and a pioneer in the luxury Ayurvedic segment. It is the only Indian brand which is involved in the conception, formulation, manufacturing, bottling and sale of the products in its own company owned stores.

The brand deals with four major categories of products, i.e., facial care, body care, hair care and the wellness category. It uses traditional methods in manufacturing and adheres to the standards of purity, authenticity and quality. The company’s spokesperson informed BE, “From our organically grown cold pressed oils, to our raw and unprocessed cane sugar to our steam distilled pure essential oils, everything is made in the traditional old fashioned way and in accordance to the Ayurvedic tenets and mostly by hand. They follow the mantra ‘If you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin. That is the Ayurvedic standard for pure and natural.’

The company launched their new hair care collection with a range of seven products which includes hair cleansers, hair conditioners, a hair thickening Spray, a hair vitalizer and a hair repair masque. The hair thickening spray contains fenugreek seeds, ratanjot and wheat protein and gives hair volume, shine and strength. Enriched with Ayurvedic herbal extracts, the hair vitalizer has anti-breakage benefits, strengthen hair follicles and restores vitality. The hair repair masque is rich in banana pulp and fresh herb infusions of methi, brahmi and nagarmotha is designed to protect, repair, hydrate and nourish hair. They have also come up with a unique range of soaps that include Panchamrit Nourishing Silk Soap, Lakshadi Clarifying Silk Soap, Soundarya Ubtan Illuminating Silk Soap and Gulab Jal Intense Moisture Silk Soap.  These soaps are made by hand. The brand has also a unique line of new day and night creams namely the Eladi Day Cream and Kumkumadi Night Cream.

Nature’s Essence

Nature’s Essence is the cosmetics and hair care products brand of Nature Magic World. Nature’s Essence was created in 1998 and has 500 products in categories such as skin, hair and body care. Their new launches include Caressence Live Up Hair Shine Serum, Aloevera Purifying Beauty Bar, SunBan Gold SPF 30 Sun Screen Lotion and Timeless Beauty Spot Reduction Brightness Cream.

The company’s spokesperson informed BE, “The bulk of our sales comes from facials and bleaches, followed by massage creams and scrubs. There is also a great demand for sunscreens, face washes and anti-wrinkle products.” The company now has 5 established manufacturing facilities at Haridwar in India.

The spokesperson added, “There is a growing fondness towards naturally active products with their long term
benefits and at par effectiveness to its chemical counterparts. The products of our brand are all consumer driven. Some are quite obvious in pattern and some latent in nature.”

The company has a sales force of 1,000 and has 1,200 direct distributors and its products reach 2.5 million consumers through 100,000 salons and 25,000 retail outlets. The company is currently exporting to over 25 countries including Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Mauritius, New Zealand, Reunion Islands, South Africa, Canada etc. and is looking to reach 30 countries by this year. While talking about their marketing strategies they said, “Mass media remains like an aerial bombing and is extremely expensive and not necessarily effective for bunker bombing. Our marketing strategies are mainly through posters and
in -shop promotions which are most effective. Also, the new product sampling in running products as freebies is quite effective. Mass retailing forms the core of our sales. Online sales account for only a fraction of our sales. We have grown consistently on a 20-25% CAGR.”

Apart from their natural and herbal beauty and skin care products, they have a colour cosmetic brand called Coloressence.


Gramodaya Ashram is an institution registered under Khadi & Village Industries Commission since 1963. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of khadi fabrics and herbal items in India. They are engaged in manufacturing herbal shampoos, handmade soaps,  paraben-free shampoos and glycerine transparent soaps. The company ensures a very high quality. They are engaged in fabricating an exclusive range of soaps. Their products are checked for purity, against harmful reactants, and for chemical percentages.

The brand deals with five major categories namely skin care, hair care, body care, soaps and sunshield range. They have new products like Khadi Natural Tulsi Hair Oil, Khadi Natural Rose and Honey body wash, Khadi Natural Green Tea and Mint body wash among others. They have their retail stores (named as Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan) in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. They are currently exporting their products to 25 countries. Their exports reach the European Union, United States of America, Russian Federation and Asian countries.

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