July , 2017
International Day of Yoga Celebration
14:57 pm

B.E. Bureau

An enlightening session of spiritual insights, yoga, meditation and experience sharing was organized by SREI Foundation in association with BrahmaKumaris on 21st June 2017 which was attended by over 700 souls.

The program started with a Presentation on International Yoga Day. It displayed that we shall have an opportunity to get an experience of the journey into inner life to rediscover the spirit within & to communicate with the Supremesoul.

Then it continued with the introduction of Soul & Supreme Soul together with guided meditation by Sister B. K. Chandra. After that through a Video Presentation the message of blessing by Rajyogini Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kuamris regarding the International Day of Yoga was displayed.

The program was inaugurated by candle lighting by few of the following distinguished guests  :

1. S. K. Gajmer, IPS, IGP, W.B. 2. Dr. H. P. Kanoria, Chairman, SREI Foundation 3. Ven-Pahulaa Thero, BhikhuIncharge, Mahabodhi Society of India, Kolkata  4. Vinod Kumar Yadav, IFS, Addl Principal Chief Conservator of Forest. 5. Honble Justice Subrata Talukdar, Judge,  Kolkata High Court 6. B.K. Kanan, Senior Sister Incharge, Brahma Kumaris, Kolkata & other distinguished guest like H.P.Budiaji,MD of PATTON, Santosh Ku Rungtaji... Chairman of Rungta group, Mr Chandan  & Mrs Chandan Basu, MD of Greenfield, Mrs Suchhandra Bhutoria  senior Vice President of FICCI FLO.

The distinguished guests shared their illuminating experience.

S.K Gazmerji, IPS, IGP, West Bengal said, “My whole understanding & perspective was changed and started tobecome superior when I was taught by Brahma Kumaris about my real Self (Soul).The Chairman of SREI Foundation, Dr. H. P. Kanoria said, “We can establish our sweet relationship withSupreme Father through Rajyoga and thereby we get the powers of supreme father Shiv Baba and negative tendencies are faded away. God clears our intellect, which then controls the mind

Brother Ven-Rahula Thero, a Srilankan, delivered his speech in hindi. He said that we all need peace of mind. He said that the mind is very fast. You kill a mosquito without thinking. Why? Because you gave that power to mind. The mind follows us like a shadow. Our mind can take us to far away places like you think America & picture of Obama &Trump comesto you. You think of India & then the picture of India losingthe cricket match comes. You can take your mind to Moon or even to the Sun. So, how will you get peace? If you keep your mind in control. Weall fear death. Why? Because then we have to move away from here.

Bro. Vinodji saidThe word Om Shanti is the essence of everything. Science has done so much development that it can take us to Moon or other planets. Now NASA has said that the wordOmis coming out from the rays of Sun. But our sages have told it much earlier. So, the true peace comes through Raj Yoga only. It needs repeated practice of Raj Yoga to control ones thought process and then only you can feel peace. So, if you go to any centre of BK, you feel peace there as the Raj Yoga creates vibrations of peace.

Justice Subrata Talukdar of Kolkata High Court said, “Peace only comes when we practice Raj Yoga as mentioned by various speakers. Whathappens when I am riding a cycle & someone sitting on the back of the cycle is trying to dis-balance me. I while riding the cycle immediately understands it & adjusts accordingly. Same is needed for being peaceful. He also said that what distinguishes humans from animals are thoughts and so our thoughts should be managed properly.”

Sister B. K. Kanan thanked Brother Kanoriaji & Sister Champa for providing the facilities to arrange this program. She said that Supreme Father is giving us His powers so that all our brothers & sisters while remaining in family is leading a peaceful life. However busy we stay in our work place, we just keep a relationship with the Supreme Father & keep his remembrance throughout. We have so many brothers & sisterswho earlier tried to get rid of their anger & intoxicating habits but failed and after practicing Raj Yoga has so easily got rid of those habits. So many come to me and ask for blessing the children who are restless. How do they become peaceful by coming hereby receiving the powers of Supreme Father.

There was a session of powerful mass meditation which was enjoyed by all.


The Physical Yoga was also presented for 20 minutes by Shibu Bhai the end of the programme.

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