July , 2019
iQuippo organises Paison Ki Nilami
15:25 pm

Anant Raj Kanoria

iQuippo, a Kanoria Foundation initiative, organised Paison Ki Nilami, a mega simulcast auction of interest rates for facilitating financing of infrastructure equipment that witnessed participation from more than 20 original equip-ment manufacturers and 1,100 equipment owners.

The auctioning event, consi-dered to be the largest in the construction equipment space in India, was held at seven locations through webcast.

It allowed iQuippoʼs customers an opportunity to bid for the lowest lending rates for purchasing of infrastructure equipment from different geographies.

Commenting on this occasion, Anant Raj Kanoria, CEO, iQuippo, said, “We have noticed that in the market customers always want to negotiate pricing and interest rates and we through our platform want to digitise and make this process transparent. Therefore, through 'Paison Ki Nilami' we want the customers and all the stakeholders to feel that they have got the best deal in the market and we have been able to create value and a win-win situation for all.”

The event also presented options to explore other services offered by iQuippo including machinery evaluation, purchase/replacement of spare parts, options for parking and logistics facilities.


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