March , 2019
Joanna Broughton, the Executive Director, Truefitt and Hill Global visits India
13:47 pm

B.E. Bureau

Truefitt & Hill, a popular men’s grooming company introduced Joanna Broughton, the Executive Director, Truefitt & Hill Global alongside Katie and Alice Broughton, who is visiting India with an outline of Global and Indian Brand Expansion for the first time. They were brought to India by Krishna Gupta and Istayak Ansari of Lloyds Luxuries Pvt. Ltd., in 2013 by obtaining the Master Franchise License of India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

On this occasion Istayak Ansari shared, “The rising urban middle class population and improved distribution channels in Tier II and III cities are also expected to stimulate growth through 2020, whereby ample opportunities will be created for Truefitt & Hill to mushroom its finest grooming products and services in different cities of India. We are glad to host Broughton and explore opportunities for Truefitt & Hill vis-à-vis strategising on the male grooming business in India.”

Broughton became involved with Truefitt & Hill where she has played a key role in the initiation of the corporate re-positioning process in terms of which the brand’s marketing strategy was radically revised, the company’s image and brand’s status addressed and a massive restructure of product offering was affected, both in terms of product mix as well as product packaging and presentation.

In the present days Truefitt & Hill’s products sell right across the globe while Truefitt & Hill barbershops continually increase in numbers and can be found in London, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Australia, Russia and Azerbaijan as well as West Asia and South Korea, with many more stores in Europe to follow. Superior and distinct services offered by Truefitt & Hill are The Royal Shave and Haircut, Classic Shave and Haircut, other hair treatments, Royal manicure, pedicure, head massage, facials, etc.

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