April , 2019
Journey into humanity
14:00 pm

Sangita Ariane Wilk-Sanatani

...............contd. from previous issue

We live disconnected from our source and when we get sick, we run to a doctor prescribing allopathic medicine. Chemical substances in tablets, substances isolated and disconnected from their natural source!

I met a village woman who walked more than an hour to meet the doctor. One hour for one way! (She must have been very strong or very desperate…) I know of a village woman who requires 500 Rupees to buy an inhaler for her asthmatic husband. She earns about 700 Rupees a month! When I got sick with diarrhoea, people wanted me to see the doctor and take medicine, too. I explained that all I needed was to rest, to go within and to find out what my body was missing. I understood that I was actually in a process of cleansing myself and I allowed my body to discharge. “Uposh” (fasting) is an ancient method applied in many spiritual disciplines, but village people have lost that wisdom. And it was from an English friend that I got the hint to eat raw turmeric (“haldi” or Bengali “holud”) which really helped my stomach come to rest very quickly. How come these farmers growing organic turmeric no longer know of its healing properties?!

I am developing a good sense of humour, otherwise I would get angry or depressed a lot more often. We are all so crazy… confused, disconnected. But the person called “pagol” (crazy) in the village is a child born with special needs. Instead of receiving extra support, the mother of such a child is made to feel she failed and is being punished with such a child. I have become friends with this girl and asked the family to let her join birthday parties and puja celebrations. I am glad that they accepted my suggestion.

Research Work

It has been found that plants growing in a natural (wild, undisturbed) environment contain a higher level of nutrients, an overall better quality and components that support absorption by the human body. So we definitely benefit in physical health from growing and consuming foods with utmost care and awareness. There is still a lot more to discover and develop apart from existing methods of organic or traditional farming as we become willing to learn and study our interaction with the Spiritual Dimension of our existence. Many of us understand that our health is not limited to physical health as we are not limited to our bodies.

I have seen bodies growing big from food. Such people are often fat, heavy and unable to move easily, independently, joyfully. I have seen bodies growing strong with muscles from food. Such strength often lacks sensitivity and compassion. I have seen bodies growing pretty and stylish like a model on a poster. In such beauty I miss truly shining eyes and a warm radiation from the heart.

We have access to scientific measuring units for the vitality I mean. Our true human being results in physical parameters that can be monitored. Such monitoring should accompany the development of high quality standards in our nutrition.

Research and clarity is also required regarding our definition of “food” and “nutrition”. In a wider sense, as I myself have experienced, visual, acustic and subtle vibrational harmony influences our state of mind, our health and our general wellbeing. It is in our hands to disturb or to enhance human growth. It is in our hands to treat plants and animals as well as ourselves with love and respect.


As humans, we face a number of problems in seemingly different areas such as economy, education, health management, agriculture and individual happiness. Essentially, all these problems are symptoms of a Human Crisis. They are results of reduction, separation and disconnect from our source of existence.

Food and nutrition reflects our level of awareness with regard to our interaction with the divine essence of life. Food has the potential to act as a healing agent as much as it can enhance our ailment – the choice is ours.

Research work needs to be carried out regarding the general concept of what all can be considered “nutritious” to human development. Farming, processing and consumption of food needs to be examined regarding the effect on our vitality. Scientifically acknowledged measuring devices have been developed in this regard and would be applied in the work I wish to do. This research work would be accompanied by field work and social work in the village Purba Chintamonipur on I-Plot, Sundarbans, W-Bengal.


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