July , 2016
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  1. What do you want to achieve with GyanX?
  2. With GyanX, I want to teach robotics to billions and make India the next robotics capital of the world.
  3. Who all can benefit from your courses?

A. Our courses will benefit students, buddying engineers, robotics enthusiasts, newly employed professionals, and would be entrepreneurs. A major benefit is that if the abstract submitted by the publisher is selected for course creation, he or she will undoubtedly have a great opportunity to portray his or her skills in front of the entire world. Moreover, he will also get a chance to get financial benefits for the course he/she has designed when the courses start selling.

  1. Please explain how do you help students in making robots and how long does it take to make one?
  2. We have designed and manufactured various types of DIY (Do-it-Yourself) robotics learning kits. We also create

    audio-video tutorials and animations based on the DIY KIT and our technologies. Students can learn from our videos and design robots by themselves at home. In every course, one can design multiple projects. One can design a simple autonomous robot in two to three hours.

  3. Do you offer your course to different colleges or schools?
  4. Yes, we do offer our courses to different colleges and schools. We have already trained 22,000 students in robotics since our inception. We run various types of 100% hands on programmes for two to 15 days. We customize our programmes as per the college’s or school’s requirements. We run regular yearly programmes in schools called “one month- one project” where each student does a project by himself or herself.
  5. What made you come up with such a course?
  6. During my college days, to meet my expenses, I used to work as an individual tutor. To make my students understand science, I used to use certain practical ways of teaching science, making them experience science through experiments. I was inspired by my father’s teaching methodology. He was one of the most popular science writers of Odisha and wrote the first ever Odia science encyclopedia called “Vigyan Gyankosh”.

During my engineering course, for the first time, I came across robots and it was love at the first sight. I learned robotics and started teaching robotics to my college juniors in 2009. Slowly I conceptualized teaching science, technology, mathe-matics and engineering through robotics. A school student can go through our various programmes, where he/she can

experience STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering & Mathematics). I often wonder why Japan would be the robotics capital of the world and not India.  My vision is to make India the next robotics capital of this world.

  1. What challenges did you face?
  2. I face millions of hurdles to bring billion dollar smiles. Being an entrepreneur, I started my journey with less than `1000 in hand, so there were challenges to survive, to start the company, to hire people, to obtain funding, to set up office and to acquire clients.

The biggest challenge was not with the resources, but with societal acceptance. People asked me to quit and take up a regular job. But I listened to my intuition and continued my journey.

  1. Where do you see yourself a year from now?
  2. I aim to teach 35,000 students next year, 20,000 students through GyanX online programme as well as 15,000 students through various direct class room programmes.

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