October , 2018
Madhulika Kanoria takes 'The Ladies Study Group' to Vienna
15:14 pm

B.E. Bureau

Mrs. Madhulika Kanoria led a group of 12 ladies representing the Ladies Study Group of Indian Chamber of Commerce to Vienna, Austria from September 3rd – 9th. Every member of the team has her own unique talent. Their talents are also being utilized for social welfare.

Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s youngest Chancellor, aged 30 years and the Indian Ambassador to Austria, Ms. Renu Pal was very pleased to meet Mrs. Madhulika Kanoria and the other ladies of the group.

Mrs. Madhulika Kanoria questioned the Chancellor, “Why Vienna is the best place to live in the World?” The Chancellor said that, we have taken various steps in area of safety, social security, health, food, water, education etc. Austria is an export oriented Nation. Its GDP is 3.2%. It is the fastest growing Nation in the European Union with very low unemployment rate. He is looking forward to visit India in 2019. Chancellor was pleased to pose for individual photographs with each member.

Ministers, Ms Juliane Bogner Strau, Federal Minister for Women, Families and Youth, Austria and Ms Margarete Schrambock, Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs who had accompanied the Chancellor. They said that 50% of the Austrian parliament was composed of women. Many women complete University, but relatively few rose to senior corporate positions. Women are supported through paid leave after child birth. Excellent child care program enables them to return to work.

Ms Margarete Schrambock said that Austria is working towards making the country a highly digitized nation, starting with the digitised education system. Austria has the unique apprentice system at the school level. Corporate collaborate with the Government offering skill based internship to young students in tandem with the school. The minister indicated that they were willing to collaborate and help India replicate this system. Overall, the positive energy was overwhelming.


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