September , 2018
National Insurance adds customer friendly features to its mediclaim portfolio
18:02 pm

B.E. Bureau

The National Parivar Mediclaim Policy from National Insurance Company Limited, is a floater health insurance, covering the members of a family under a single sum insured. The subject policy covers at least two family members. The proposer should be between 18 and 65 years.

The maximum entry age of any family member is 65 years. The children between the ages of three and eighteen years may be covered, provided parent(s) is/are covered at the same time. The proposer; spouse; dependent legitimate or legally adopted children; child up to eighteen years of age; child of 18-25 years, if a bona-fide student and unemployed; unemployed female child, till marriage; and parents, will be included as family parents. Midterm inclusion of family members at pro-rata premium is allowed only in the case of a. newborn between the age of three and six months b. spouse within sixty days of marriage.

The Sum Insured for each policy year ranges from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000, in multiple of Rs.1,00,000, on floater basis and applies to one or all the insured persons.

The key features of the product are- 1] zone wise ratings with discounts for lower rated zones; 2] floater Sum Insured range : Rs. 1-10  lakh; 3] proposer to be aged between 18 and 65 years; 4] policy can be renewed lifelong; 5] long term cover for 2/3 years; 6] cover for Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatment up to full sum insured; 7] cover for – a) hospitalisation cost including pre and post hospitalisation cost for 30 and 60 days respectively and domiciliary hospitalisation, b) 140 + day care procedures/surgeries, c) maternity cover - infertility treatment cover, d) ambulance charges, e) anti rabies vaccination, f) organ donor’s medical expenses, g) hospital cash for a maximum of five days, 8] pre-existing diseases covered after 4 continuous policy years; 9] assistance for medical second opinion from World Leading Medical Centers (WLMC) for 88 major illnesses; 10] cashless facility and/or reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses or reimbursement of domiciliary hospitalisation expenses for treatment of disease or injury;  11] very good health incentives.

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