November , 2017
Ode to Mother Divine
15:40 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

O my loving Mother Divine!


Thou art infinite and finite both.

I crave not knowledge of Thy vastness.

I know and realise thou art my beloved Mother, seated in the centre of my heart.

Thou art in my tearful eyes, Thy holy, sweet name Ma Kali on my lips.

I know through Thy grace and love that Thou art my all.

Yea Mother, my all in all, Thou art full of infinite love, yea motherly love.

Take me Mother in Thy loving arms, give me infinite bliss of Thy loving touch.


O Thou Eternal One, Thou hast reveal Thyself to me in Thy glory.

I trust Thee fully, I love Thee more and more.

I hear thy voice, I have given myself wholly to Thee.

My heart is open to Thee, I am intoxicated with Thy love.

I walk with Thee on the trail of my life.

I feel not distressed and desolate.

I feel not stranded and helpless.

Thou lead me in Thy own way.

Loving Divine Mother, lead me (Thy child), in Thy own motherly way.


O Mother Divine!

In every moment and in hour of meditation, I lift my whole heart to Thee, my Mother.

Fill it, my loving mother, else I dwell in emptiness or I am lost.

Charge me with yearning love.

Let my heart be filled with Thy all absorbing love.

Let Thy love enter fully to occupy all space of mind and heart.

O my loving Divine Mother, Thou art my life and strength.

Surround me Mother with Thy loving arms around me.

Hold me Mother, as a Mother holds a child fearing that the child is not lost.

Brim my heart with Thy love, love alone.

Let Thy love sing the songs of Thy love - love of a child to Mother.

My loving Divine Mother!

I turn my mind and heart to Thee.

Mother! Make me totally mad in Thy love.

Forgetting the selfishness, limitation, past karma, destiny.

I surrender to Thee in love madness.

O my beloved Mother, Thou has to shape my life, Thy child.

How Mother Thou can escape from the chain of love of the child.


O beloved Divine Mother!

Flood my heart with pure love and holy joy.

The blessing of beloved Mother’s love falls upon me unaware.

Mother’s love fill me with joy, peace and love.

It freshens my soul with renewed strength.

Like a child, I always care, crave and cry for Mother’s love.

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