March , 2018
Practicality of spirituality underpins good governance
14:41 pm

Dr. Elizabeth Denley

Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Sciences and a

Trainer and Practitioner of Heartfulness Meditation


We have an interesting topic regarding the need for spirituality in governance. It implies that there might be something lacking in governance. It implies that we understand that things are not as they should be. This morning, a lot of speakers opined that India is the land of spirituality. It has been so for thousands of years.

For me, India is the land of spirituality and I live here for that very reason. I have come here to live for my spiritual growth. India is the land that understands the practicality of spirituality. Spirituality is not something to simply talk about. You cannot become spiritual by talking about spirituality. You have to do something. This is the land of Yoga. We have been speaking a lot about oneness and the unity in diversity. The word Yoga stands for that. It means oneness. And for the world, oneness and governance in oneness this is the need of the hour.

What is needed for good governance?  I am trained as a
scientist and a biologist and we all know that we as a species get engaged with the nature that we are in. Anyone who has studied science would know that the species that do not live in harmony with nature become extinct.  Governance should be about creating harmony with nature. We have heard a lot about climate change. It is the need of the hour to combat it. Good governance also involves making wise decisions and everyone taking equal responsibility.  Governance is also integrally related to conscience and spirituality. Spirituality can help in providing good governance.

Pureness of heart is essential for good governance. The heart is the seed of the soul. This is where our joy comes from. If the heart is not pure, there is no joy. If there is no joy how can we achieve harmony and peace? How can there be peace without harmony? How can there be harmony without contemplation? How can there be contemplation without a clear mind? How can there be clarity of thought without meditation? This is what India brings to the world. This can be achieved through Yoga.

Yoga is not only an ancient art. It is constantly being enhanced by the present practitioners. This is no longer some mystical, airy-fairy art that can be dismissed easily. It is a product of intensive research and its positive impacts have been well-documented.

How you can be a good manager or a good governor if your mind is not clear. Good governance comes from looking within. Spirituality can lead to the path of better
governance, growth and development of our planet.

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