March , 2018
Spirituality can be perceived and not created
15:10 pm

Sujit Kanoria

Managing Director, Shristi Hotels Pvt. Ltd. I welcome you to the 10th Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. I do not like to talk much and would like share a poem which I had written when I was in college in 1988 and hopefully it will bring out my thoughts on spirituality.Son of man, what do you thinkAs you rise from the region of the unknownLaughing with eager desireTo see the reality of the bubbling universeTell me how you came into beingYou know now but we will soon forgetAs you breathe the materialism of beingAlong the religion of man.Born from the same existence man forgotThough still tries to remember the fresh aroma of non-existenceWhich brought into theeO son of God do not forgetThat life is a reality and you are the alien in the same wayAs man is alien to you.Star in the heaven are no more divineAs is a flame of a candleMan fights with eager desireTo become mightier than man.But he knows not that where is mokshaConfident and mightier than him.O son of Sons as you riseFrom the light I seeWhich might be the mysticism of my faithBut I see you crunched in the sea of desireTrying and peaceful.You know no religion, you know no GodYou have just come to show me the Brahmanwhich my Atma cannot perceive.As it is trapped by the most less law of KarmaBrings into light you my being.You are him and you are me,You are the planets and you are the starsYou are God and you have devasBut it is you who are born from the you.The trees in the wilderness like Eves in the gardenThey know no God and they know no bad.For it is you the trees, the animals and allA lake and a river an interesting phenomenonSo you the son of skylark.To conclude, I will add one more thing. Truth cannot be created but only perceived and similarly, spirituality can only be perceived and not created.

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