December , 2017
Spirituality is the essence of humanity
13:01 pm

Varsha Singh

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world a new.”

-Albert Einstein

Spirituality is the science to discover the spiritual world, i.e., to discover the inner world for peace, happiness and prosperity. Spirituality is the science of human growth towards the ultimate reality. Spirituality is to believe in a higher power and act on a value system beyond self-interest. Spirituality can create a sense of wholeness. It is about how you think and feel about life and its challenges. Spirituality is everybody’s personal quest and responsibility. The first step towards spirituality is to transform oneself. We have this huge task of transforming the world to make it a better place to live. For that we need to transform ourselves first through the process of self-transformation.

But the question is;  how many of us actually believe in humanity and practise spiritualism in our daily lives? Spirituality is the essential element of humanity. Spirituality does not mean any particular practice. It is a certain way of being. Humanity will bring social order but in a loose way and without any enforcement. It will make the human being beautiful. That is what is most important. If humanity flowers and overflows, divinity will be the next natural step. Only if you allow your humanity to overflow within you, divinity will flower. Without the richness of humanity, divinity cannot happen, no matter what you do.

Spirituality denotes belief and practices that help people to develop a deeper awareness of God. Spirituality is often associated with prayer and worship. Prayer is a central means of communication between humanity and God.

Christina Puchalski, MD, Director of the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health, said, “Spirituality is the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and to the significant or sacred.”

The Bhagavad Gita explains that those who equate their spirituality with their humanity confuse a difference in degree with a difference in nature. A fundamental characteristic of all life, human and subhuman, is consciousness. And consciousness, being non-material, comes from a spiritual source, the soul. As all living beings are conscious, they all have souls. The Bhagavad Gita (13.31) urges us to see beyond the diversity of life forms to the similarity of spiritual essence.

Enumerating the importance of spirituality Dadi Janak Ji, Chief Administrator, Brahma Kumari, said, “When the spiritual spirit is wounded and frustrated by feelings of powerlessness, lack of meaning in life, weakened by injured self-respect and humiliation, the ego in the form of hurt pride erupts as violence. To strengthen self-respect, replenish the depleted soul and to teach the skills necessary for harmonious living, study of spiritual knowledge and practice of meditation is vital.”

Ignorance covers the spiritual awareness of all living beings, but that covering is thicker in sub humans than in humans. Consequently, whereas the spiritual capacity is almost absent in animals, it is nascent in humans. Our latent spirituality drives us to enquire about the nature and purpose of our existence, thereby developing various distinctively human branches of knowledge. When we develop our spiritual potential, we realise ourselves as souls. Such self-realisation is our unique human prerogative.

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