March , 2018
Spirituality is needed to manage the exponential world
13:20 pm

Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria

Chairman, Advinia Health Care (UK) Ltd., 

& Suasth Health Care (India) Ltd. 


I thank you all for coming and gracing the occasion. The topic this afternoon – Spirituality in an exponential world, sounds complex. But it is not so complex. To better understand this topic, we need to break the topic into two parts. 

Exponential world signifies a world that is undergoing rapid change and the most contemporary example would be the bit coin. There was a rapid increase in its value and then it is going to crash exponentially. Its value is already down by 30%.

Today, technology has overpowered us. When technology came in, we thought we will have more time. But do we have more time? With so many gizmos and gadgets around us, we feel everything has to be done immediately. We need our emails answered instantly and we need instant gratification. We get stressed when we do not get our responses instantly. As a result, all our energies get scattered. It gets diverted from us. We are not being able to internalize our energies and that is where the role of spirituality is.

Spirituality is very different from religion. Religion, with its rituals and factions has completely lost its context. For the millennial - religion means nothing. They do not want to be called religious. Spirituality is different. It is technical and it is very scientific. God has kept everything very simple. Computers are operated by the binary code and it has only two codes-namely zero and one. God has created all human beings with the quaternary code. The human genetic code has four letters and with the permutation and combination of these four letters, God has created all human beings. Unless we go back to spirituality, we will not be able to manage the change that is happening in the exponential world today.

Our yogis whom I prefer to call Vedic scientists observed nature and the microcosm within themselves. Through these observations, they started to understand the essence of spirituality. They did not call God as God. They called God by its essence which is Sat Chit Ananda which means truth, existence and bliss.

My Master Paramahansa Yogananada used to say, it is this consciousness, this Sat Chit Ananda which is pervading the whole Universe. It is from this bliss consciousness or pure love that the whole Universe originates. The whole Creation is made in the essence of God and that essence condenses into each of us. Unless we go back to experiencing this essence within us, we will not be able to manage the changes in the present exponential world.

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