March , 2018
Tell your problems that I have a great God
14:53 pm

BK Ashmita

Om Shanti.

Greetings of peace. In a world of exponential change there is so much we need to do. But spirituality reminds us that behind our doing it is our being. So it is important to be peaceful, loving, happy, generous, strong. When we are faced with numerous difficulties numerous challenges, it is now time to focus on our strength and spirituality reminds us that the source of your strength is within. Today I am going to present a little experience of this. let us have an experience of being powerful. By listening to this song, which goes like this, “yeah mat kaho khuda se, meri mushkilein bari hay. Yeah mushkilon se keh do, mera khuda bara hay.” So don’t focus on your problems, don’t focus on your challenges, and don’t tell god that I have big problems but tell your problems that I have a great God.

So much self-belief comes when you are remembering the supreme, because the supreme, the almighty, reminds you as Father Francis rightly said, that you are created in his image which means you have all the qualities that he has. But there is so much of dust, there is a veil which is covering our inner potential our inner peace. So not only do we need to look within, but we also need to remove those heavy curtains which are hiding our inner potential, our inner peace, hiding the self. Instead of looking at others, we should just focus on what is happening outside, let us clean the mirror of the mind and reflect on the self. So it says, “aina saaf kiya to main saaf nazar aaya.” But the word ‘I’ is covered with so much ego and limited awareness of the self. So when I clean the ‘I’, then I can see you, oh lord, I can see your qualities, which are shining within.

I would like you to sit straight, be a little attentive and clean the mind to see the self. The self not as it is reflected in the outer mirror every morning but see the self as an energy not merely as the physical body which keeps changing. See the self as a soul, a source of pure peaceful energy, shining within and focus on your inner goodness and just remind yourself, “I am peaceful, I am stable, I am loving, I am powerful, I am the being behind all the doings, so if I am well all my doings are well”. With this little meditation let us listen to the song “I clean the mirror and see the self clearly” because it is this faith I, the faith and limited mind, that keeps me away from the supreme, keeps me away from my world family, keeps me away from the unlimited and it is such a joy to see the self. Om Shanti. 

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