April , 2019
Temi Tea Spring Flush - The Golden Elixir
14:20 pm

Rahul Banerjee

Come April and South Sikkim’s mountains are misty with rain.

The golden sun is at its resplendent woven aureate during the day, while evenings are accompanied with thunderbolt... heralding the advent of glorious and exquisite first flush tea on the slopes of Temi.

The perfect combination of high altitude, cool clime and the Himalayan weather produces the world’s one of the finest organic orthodox spring flush.

After the winter , when the tea bush has rested and gathered the starch for its budding, the new growth leaves are plucked as an ode to the beginning of harvest cycle that will see 4 (four) seasons till November of each year. The leaves in April are youngest and most tender and yields purest and freshest cup of tea that a tea bush is capable of producing.

This rarest teas in the world, Temi’s Spring is a signature, organic mix of its delicate leaves and buds.

Highly sophisticated in taste and aroma, this refined golden liquor has a light floral finish and a hint of a sweet lingering taste gnawing for more.

The tea connoisseurs around the world consider this golden drink a quintessence of the terroir that the loamy soil of land of Kanchenzonga offers.

Temi tea estate also boasts of an eco-tourism resort which provides a panaromic view and that imperial sense of owning the garden with a stay in the midst of its beautiful terrace farms of tea. The resort also allows you to pluck and make your own cup of tea- ahem —- that’s avant-garde.

One can reach Temi by driving from Bagdogra or Pakyong the new airport of Sikkim. The homestays in the quaint town are a-plenty and abound. The cultural night with Nepali folk dance and local music only adds to the glory of the garden.

First flush and the ambience is a perfect treat for rejuvenation.

“Thou art revival thou art bliss, thou art the product of our kingdom of Shivaliks our first flush don’t give it a miss”.

  Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Head Corporate Governance, Temi Tea.


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