March , 2018
We must connect with our soul
14:30 pm

B K Rani Didi

Brahma Kumari


The topic for today is beautiful. I must state that if spiritual power embraces human life, there will be happiness and peace. What is spiritual power? It is a great need of the present times. Spirituality is not a big thing. It is a lesson to know ourselves better. Spirituality begins with the question, “Who am I?”

This is my body but who is sitting within? I am a power of consciousness. I am a soul who is conscious and eternal. If we realise that we are souls and that there exist souls in every living body then differences in religions, languages and caste become redundant. Our views may be different from others and therefore it is important to know the desires of our soul. Soul wants peace and happiness.

There will be lots of complaints and questions within our mind. It is important to unify ourselves with our souls. The biggest power of the mind is that it restores power in our soul. Mind gives us thought. Let all our thoughts consist of wellness and greatness. Think about yourselves and also think about others. Think that we all are children of God and therefore, we are all great. If we consider ourselves to be special and great then our work would also lead us in the way of greatness. We must know ourselves and also the Supreme Power.  The Creator of the creation is God who is Paramatma – Greatest Soul. It is surprising to note that everybody believes in God but they do not know God.  There are many forms of God that we see but God is one. He is free from the cycle of life and death. We worship many Gods and Goddesses but we need to realise that our soul exists and Paramatma or the Supreme Soul is our father and we should possess his qualities. He is the source of energy and power and the source of peace.

This relationship with the Supreme Soul can be strengthened through Yoga. Some of us think Yoga is simply exercise. But Yoga links us to the Supreme Soul. Through Raj Yoga we can awaken heavenly qualities within us. We can train our mind to be positive. We can be tension-free and not be overwhelmed by the actions of others.

We are lucky and fateful to be the children of God. We have his blessings. We have come to this world to work and to add to his creation. We need to make our life full of love and peace. If our mind is not peaceful, how can we give peace to others? If my mind is not happy, how can I provide happiness to others? Let us fill our minds with happiness and joy. That is the essence of spiritual power. Let us awaken the powers within us. Let us praise God and others whom we meet.

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