March , 2018
We need to end global warming
13:55 pm

Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi

Chief Imam, All India Organization of Imams of Mosques, New Delhi

The subject of this confluence is spirituality and many religious leaders are present. I would like to congratulate Dr. H.P. Kanoria first and his whole family and the Srei Group for arranging this confluence. We all come from different religions, different faiths or practise different rituals but the main fact is that we are all human beings and we should love each other as human beings.

If you listen to the thoughts of leaders of different religions, you will find that they all talk about humanity. All religious texts talk about respecting other religions. It is because religious texts believe in uniting human beings. Religion unites.

Humanity is the most important thing for us and sadly, it is diminishing from the world. So it is the need of the hour to work on that. Human beings are exploiting each other and nations are destroying other nations.

If a person is really spiritual, no unrighteousness work can happen in front of him. All are equal. Equality always leads to righteousness and we need to follow the path of righteousness. Today, there is destruction all over the world. We need to understand that. We need to help those who are in trouble. Political leaders do their duties, but religious leaders should play an important role.

Poverty is a very important problem. Millions and billions of people are dying of hunger. In future, we may also see a shortage of drinking water. We need to fight against such situations. Global warming is another important problem that can destroy  human civilisation. We need to end global warming. We have talked about nuclear disarmament. The way North Korea is threatening the US is not only a direct threat to the US but is also a threat to human civilisation. The nuclear bomb has the potential to destruct this beautiful planet and humanity has to suffer. If human beings do not exist, religions and countries will also cease to exist. So our religion should be humanity. We need to move forward for the sake of humanity.

You can see how Syria is being destroyed. Children are becoming homeless and the same is true for Iraq and Lebanon. The Arabian countries are also facing destruction and exploitation. You have seen how the people of Myanmar are suffering. So there is an urgent need to love each other. This is our only mission. Nobody talks about two Gods. We all talk about one God. So we are all children of that one God. We may call him by different names and there may be different paths to reach him. But we need to become united. I want to congratulate Dr. H.P Kanoria once again for his work on humanity and spirituality and for his mission to unite humanity. Let us march ahead on this issue and think about it.

Lastly, I want to send a message. Please listen to it carefully because being an Imam, I have a moral duty to give you a message. In India, 70,000 ambulance deaths were recorded in the last two years due to lack of road facilities and traffic congestions. So please give way to ambulances and pray for the person who is within the ambulance. We may not know who is inside, whether he is a man or a woman, whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim. We need to consider him as a human being who is in trouble. If we pray for the person selflessly, I believe we will be well. So when we go to the hospital, pray for the ill. I pray to God to make this confluence successful. May we love each other and work for each other. 

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