January , 2019
Wedding makeover is also about feeling good and confident
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Shahnaz Husain, the Founder, Chairperson, and Managing Director of Shahnaz Husain Group, has successfully translated India’s herbal heritage into pragmatic Ayurvedic beauty solutions. She is a pioneer in the world of makeovers. BE’s Ellora De spoke to her.

Q. How do you perceive wedding makeovers?

A. For a bride, her wedding day is probably one of the most important days of her life. I feel that it is not only important to look good, but also to feel good. The bride needs to feel confident in the knowledge that she is looking her best. This is the age of wedding professionals, where event managers plan and execute tiny details to make the wedding an unforgettable occasion. The same goes for bridal makeovers, where trained professionals attend to the head-to-toe grooming of the bride. They also know how to achieve the perfect look for photographs and videos. My concept of wedding makeovers also includes taking care of specific skin and hair problems and the packages may include such treatments. In fact, our makeover packages can be adjusted according to specific needs. For instance, if there is an acne condition or blemishes, or hair loss, the treatments should be taken a few weeks in advance. The treatments should ensure that the skin becomes clearer and more translucent. The improved blood circulation gives the skin a healthy glow. Facial massages should help to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Q. How far can the Indian herbal heritage improve the look of a would-be bride?

A. Our treatments are all based on the Indian herbal heritage of Ayurveda. The products that we use for bridal care contain Ayurvedic ingredients, which include herb, flower and fruit extracts, essential oils and other natural substances. Ayurvedic ingredients are gentle on skin and hair and yet have powerful healing properties. They are known to leave the skin soft and glowing and make the hair healthy and lustrous. They help to restore skin and scalp health. The natural ingredients selected for skin and hair care are non-toxic and ensure safety from allergic reactions associated with chemical ingredients.

Q. How far is the profession of wedding makeover commercially viable?

A. The profession of wedding makeover is certainly commercially viable because makeovers have become so popular. The bookings for professional makeovers or make-up artists and hair stylists are done months in advance. Today’s bride wants to take the expertise of professional make-up and makeover artists. Today, you can have an expert in different make-up styles, like HD, or airbrushed make-up, or regular. The fact remains that the charges for specialised make-up are high. Traditional Indian weddings have so many different functions, from engagement and mehendi to sangeet, cocktail, wedding and reception. Salons and freelancers make a fortune during the wedding season. The charges for bridal makeovers range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 for a one-time makeover. The charges for specialised skin and hair and body care are extra.

Q. Please brief us about the range of your wedding makeover products?

A. Our bridal makeover package includes a premium facial. This is selected from among our Gold, Diamond and Platinum Facials, which use the products from our Gold, Diamond and Platinum ranges. The therapist advises on which facial to select. The other wedding makeover products are as follows:

Pot of Gold Foundation                         

Containing 24 carat pure gold this sensational formulation, takes make-up to new heights, giving the skin a smooth porcelain finish, with the golden glow of youth.

Shalips (Lipstick)   (63 shades)                       

Containing botanical extracts of sandalwood, liquorice, jojoba oil and castor oil, this lipstick range lend glamour while protecting the skin on the lips.

Shaeyes (Herbal Kajal)                                      

An exotic eye definer and make-up aid containing trifala, castor oil and almond oil. It is easy to apply and easy to remove.

Shaline Plus (Eyeliner)                                                              

This specially developed formulation containing herbal ingredients like amla, almond oil, castor oil, camphor and neem, provides vivid definitions to the eyes.

Shalash Plus (Mascara)                                     

This is a water based mascara for enhancing eyelash beauty. It dries fast and prevents smudging.

Ayurvedic Liquid Sindoor – For sindoor and bindi

This clinically tested herbal sindoor containing precious herbal extracts checks hair loss and promotes hair growth. It is available in two shades - red and maroon.

Flower botanic pink lotus- sunflower day cream                           

Containing plant ingredients and flower extracts, it is an ideal day cream for all skin types and helps to protect the skin from environmental effects and ensures a youthful look.

Flower botanic white water lily – jasmine moisturiser

This combination of herb and floral extracts is designed for intensive moisture treatment of the skin. Easily absorbed, it makes the skin appear soft, smooth and radiant.

Diamond Exfoliating Scrub                              

This is a powerful blend of diamond “bhasma” and botanical extracts, specially formulated to exfoliate the skin on the face and body. It removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Plant Stem Cells Renewing Face Cream         

Based on a plant stem cells formula, it contains precious plant oils and extracts in a form that is quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, influencing the supportive tissues. It improves skin elasticity, making the skin appear firmer and more youthful.

Plant Stem Cells Redensifying Serum          

This is specially created to restore density to the skin, to make it more compact and tighter. Active plant stem cells in the formulation rebuild collagen and elastin. The skin is restructured, becoming smoother, firmer and resilient. It acquires the properties of younger looking skin.

Pearl Naturally Whitening Rehydrant Day Cream

Containing the powder of real pearls, it protects the skin against the drying effects of the sun and abuse of the elements. It helps to moisturise the skin. It revitalises and rejuvenates. It removes tan and produces an even colour tone.

Shalocks Plus Herbal Hair Oil

This is an excellent combination of herbal oils and extracts. It facilitates the removal of loose dandruff and revitalises hair.

Wild Thyme Flower Power Hair Conditioning Lotion

This is an intensive formulation, enriched with botanical extracts. It actually contains a live wild thyme plant growing in it, to revitalise and condition the hair powerfully.


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