July , 2019
Why is Doctors' Day celebrated?
15:20 pm

Aniket Panja

National Doctors' Day is celebrated to recognise the contribution of doctors to individuals and to the community at large. The date may vary from country to country but the idea behind Doctors' Day remains the same to celebrate doctors and also to remember the deceased physicians who spent their lives making a difference. Although Doctors' Day is supposed to be celebrated by patients and the benefactors of the healthcare industry, it is usually celebrated by healthcare organisations. In some countries, Doctors' Day is also celebrated as a holiday. In India, Doctors' Day is celebrated on the first of July to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was born on July 1, 1882, and died on the same date in 1962. It was started by the Government of India in 1991 as a mark of respect.

The celebration of the Doctors' Day is an attempt to emphasise on the value of doctors in our lives and to offer them our respects. India has shown remarkable improvements in the medical field and July 1 pays a perfect tribute to all the doctors who have made relentless efforts towards achieving this goal irrespective of odds. Doctors' Day not only emphasises the importance of doctors in an individual's life but also commemorates the medical industry and its advancements. The efforts of doctors in improving people’s lives through technology have been relentless in India and this day marks those accomplishments. The symbol of Doctors' Day is a red carnation because the flower stands for love, charity, selflessness l, and sacrifice- traits that a doctor must hold.


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