December , 2019
Spirituality is the core of every religion
15:11 pm

S P Mishra

No  doubt there  had  been  religious  dimensions  to  conflicts and  battles across  the  world. The  dangerous  situations  in  many  parts  of the  world  today  are  largely  grounded  in  religious  antagonism. Why?  The  reason  is  that  we  tend  to ignore  the  most  essential  part  of  religion. What is that?  It is spirituality - the core of every religion.

Danger comes when non-essentials swallow the essential. It's  time  to  focus  on  spirituality --  the  soul  of  religion. But what is spirituality? Spirituality is about believing that each person is potentially divine. One  is  spiritual  when  one  sincerely believes  that  any  person  belonging  to  any  religion  or  race  can  unfold  their  divine potential, their  goodness. However, mere believing is not enough, doing is absolutely necessary. To believe in something and not to live it is dishonesty. It must  get  reflected  in  our  work, in our daily life  and in our  dealing  with  people around  us. A  man  of  spirituality  must  ask  himself - Am I  trying  to  be  unselfish? Am I ready to sacrifice my privilege? Do I uphold human dignity? Do I  feel joy  in  giving a  part  of  my  income  to  charity? If  the  answer  is 'yes'  to  these  queries, then  one  is  indeed a  spiritual person  and  glory  to  humanity.

To  be  pure  and  to  do  good  to  others  is  the  sine  auonon of spiritual  living. One  may  be  a  daily   goer  to  temples  or churches  or  mosques  and put  on  religions  marks  all  over   one's  body, yet  one  is  furthest  from God  if  one  is  narrow  minded  and  selfish . As rightly observed by Swami Vivekananda, “Man  thinks  foolishly  that  he  can make himself  happy, and  after  years  of  struggle  finds  out  at last  that  true  happiness consists  in killing  selfishness.”

Me-first, me only  people  are  indeed  most  miserable  and  the  worst  sufferers  in  life. On  the  contrary, every  act  of  charity, every  thought  of  sympathy, every action of  help, every  good  deed, leads us to bliss and closer to God.

A man of spirituality is also introspective. He  makes  sincere  efforts  to  discover  a  deeper  understanding  of  who he is.  He is not just a mere earth-bound helpless creature, a little physical thing. He possesses limitless inner power to overcome temptations and fear. A man of  spirituality  knows  how  to  live  protecting  himself  from  the blows  and shocks of  life. Indeed, spirituality  leads  us  to  a  life  richer and loftier  than  the life  of  desires and  impulses, not  by  rejecting  our  earthly  existence, but  by  raising  it  to  a  new  height.

It  is  said  that  little  drops  of  water  make  an  ocean.  If  we  live  each  day  keeping in mind and following the  words of Swami Vivekananda, this  little  planet  of ours  will  certainly  be  a  better  place  to  live in.

“If  in  this  hell  of  a  world  one  can  bring a  little  joy  and  peace  even  for  a  day  into  the  heart  of  single person, that  much  alone  is  true;... all  else  is  mere  moonshine.”


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