December , 2018
“Butterfly Village” to launch women‘s health programme
18:11 pm

Kishore Kumar Biswas

The ‘Butterfly Village’ near Ganguly Bagan, 4No. Bidyasagar Colony of South Koktata, is a brainchild of an old man of South Kolkata, Parimal Dey. Dey is a veteran politician and social worker. The specialty of the ‘Butterfly Village’ is that the houses of the locality are similarly painted in such a way that each of the house look like a butterfly. Dey told BE that when our target of painting 250 houses in the locality would be complete the entire place would look like a place decorated with butterfly. “This is a unique idea, perhaps first in the country”, said Dey.

His first venture started in 2016 with the setting up of ‘Theme Park’ near Ganguly Bagan of South Kolkata. The place had been a colossal dumping ground. It was was originally a tank but it became a smelly source of contamination and diseases for decades. That place was converted gradually to this as one is seeing. Dey spends his own money and garners local support to convert the garbage dump into an attractive park. Now it is a “Clean, Green & Colourful” world for the next generation. 

Women development programme inaugurated

A new programme of serving “Free Nutritious Food” every day to all willing pregnant women visiting the park has been launched and inaugurated by Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman, Kanoria Foundation. Kanoria said the initiative of Parimal Dey was no doubt a noble job. The entire area now looked different. Local people were with him for the development of the area. This venture was related to environmental development which was also commendable. Plantation and cleanliness is actually Godliness. Kanoria also wished this programme should be continued for long and he expected that other people should come forward and join the initiative.

It is also known that after giving birth to a baby if any of the women participated in the programme and requested any help for the child’s education in future, the ‘Theme Park’ initiative is ready for helping. Already one such baby has been assured of all responsibility for baby’s education. If this programme goes on, it will be a real help to society. World Health Organisation (WHO) has also expressed its best wishes for this programme.

Now the question is why such a programme has been important for society, particularly, at a time when there have been a lot of government programmes already there? Parimal Dey replied, “I think individual and non-governmental initiatives to society have a role to supplement the governmental efforts. It is experienced that in many cases individual initiatives may give better results by providing particular and targeted initiatives in small scale to get better results”. 

A unique Mother Earth temple- a centre of public attraction here

Mother Earth refers to the planet Earth as a woman or a goddess protecting the resources of Mother Earth. It is mainly related to environmental issues. It is a cause for concern that there have been authoritative research publications noting the depletion of a lot of materials from the earth to such an amount that civilisation and the lives of the people will shortly be at stake. The required pure water, pure air, productivity of earth and many mining materials for the development of civilisation are rapidly being inadequate. The ‘Mother Earth’ temple is nothing but the incarnation of this threat. As a whole this ‘Butterfly Village’ has been a place of attraction of the people in that area.


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