February , 2018
“India should strengthen its international relations for cybersecurity”
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Cyber security is the need of the hour. With India going digital, Zakir Hussain, Director, BD soft, country partner of Bitdefender, spoke to BE’s Ankita Chakraborty about the recent trends in cyber security.

Q. According to a study by the international law firm, Simmons & Simmons, 71% of the world’s largest banks and asset management firms have said cybersecurity is the biggest risk associated with working with FinTech firms. What are your views on this?

A. Cybersecurity is certainly the biggest risk associated with working with FinTech. Limited knowledge about cybersecurity and cyber threats can often give rise to security vulnerabilities. Different malware files channelled through different sources comes to pass when a fraudulent website acquires your personal information such as credit card details and account details or when malware files are transferred through external medium such as onboard contractors and temporary workers. Although FinTech firms are prominent, shortage of talent is one of the reasons risking cybersecurity and phishing and hacking are the most potent threats.

Cybercriminals target the financial sector with more speed and sophistication than before. With the developing defence technologies, hackers are emerging with the stronger malware as well. FinTech firms remain slow in detecting breaches. The only possible reason is that they are stuck to theoretical procedures rather than practical experiences.

Q. What are the services provided by your company?

A. Bitdefender Solutions have the largest security developing infrastructure across the globe and we are designed to provide multi-layered protection for infrastructure, considering the complex business infrastructure that is adopted by FinTech firms. Social media, cloud computing, and IoTs are handled apart from the standard practices such as data reserves and security audits.  Bitdefender Solutions is capable of handling complex cyber attacks with the help of technologies like Bitdefender’s Hypervisor-based Introspection. It is an endpoint tangible source with the assurance of end to end encrypted technology. Our company has also developed an advanced machine learning technology based on our extensive experience of delivering solutions.

Q. What are the major companies that are associated with Bitdefender How does it provide indepth security to these companies?

A. Ransomware attacks across the globe including India have kept the cybersecurity companies busy. Many innovations have come through and yes, this journey has seen some major breakthroughs. Bitdefender is a highly accepted and recognized solution in the SMB and the corporate sphere because of its remarkable security and the in-demand product line.

Our customers include players in the manufacturing, finance, hospitality, government and private education sectors. These major companies rely on Bitdefender to provide concrete security to their digital landscape. They choose us because of our performance, convenient set-up and trouble-free technology. Bitdefender gives multi-layered security and delivers the best protection. 

Q. India ranks 23rd among 165 nations in the cybersecurity index. What cybersecurity strategies should be adopted by the government in order to develop the country’s cybersecurity forums?

A. India should strengthen its relations with different countries and exchange technical information on cyber-attacks. As far as business and international deals are concerned, the nations can also exchange information on prevalent cybersecurity policies and best practices. Many market software companies have also launched their own endpoint multilayered security products. These solutions are useful and can be used to prevent cyber threat.

The government must take care to facilitate the protection of critical information and infrastructure from the unauthorized access. All government bodies, enterprises and security bodies can work together to achieve this. In addition, we need to start from the basic level and ensure that everyone is trained to combat and detect cyber threats.

Q. How should an organisation deal with a case of worldwide cyber attack?

A. During cases of world-wide cyber attack such as DeMon and the Ransomware, basic cyber-security cannot be considered useful. However, building defences that are widespread and resilient are needed. A good cybersecurity health does not just mean protection of information but also involves employee training and regular reviews of authentication. Having a strong cybersecurity structure for every business component is important as they are all inter-connected. 

A secure configuration baseline built on perimeter and internal network segments shuns the hassle of unwanted functionality from ICT systems and keeps them patched against known vulnerabilities.

Q. What are your company’s expansion plans?

A. Bitdefender is the most prominent cyber-security system developer across the world and we are expanding to have a firm foothold in Indian markets as well. Speaking of expansion, BD Software Distribution will expand to all metro cities across India. The expansion will be followed by tier-2 and tier-3 cities. It is increasing its reach in small but important cities of India. With our increasing foothold, we are also increasing our staff members in marketing and technical support to strengthen our resellers. We look to being present in every major grown town and city of the country by the end of this year.   

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