January , 2019
“Our aim has always revolved around Indianising the products so that it is by India and for India”
15:42 pm

B.E. Bureau

Digisol Systems Ltd. is a Mumbai-based company that offers a range of networking products and solutions. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smartlink Holdings Ltd. K. R. Naik, Founder and Chairman, Smartlink Holdings spoke to BE’s Ellora De.

Q. How are Digisol’s products different from the other networking solution products in India?

A. Given our 25 years history of pioneering technology in the networking equipment segment, we have been actively shaping the networking and wireless markets locally as per the global standards. We are the first ones to introduce networking products in the Indian market and we are one of the few networking brands who manufacture in India. We are the only networking brand that offers a wide range of product folio that includes more than 150 networking products that are helping our clients across sectors like government, education, hospitality, and healthcare. All these factors set us apart from the competition.

Q. How far has the Indian government’s “Digital India” initiative been successful?

A. It is an ambitious campaign that the Indian government has embarked upon. A boost in local manufacturing through the ‘Make in India’ initiative is going to provide impetus to the complete economic chain of activities in the country. The IT hardware manufacturing industry will have a major role to play here. The nine pillars under the Digital India initiative are going to be huge demand generators. Demand arising out of Digital India initiative, coupled with existing requirement in the domestic market, offers huge opportunities for the local manufacturing industry.

Q. Where does your company stand in the context of “Make in India”and “Digital India” initiatives?

A. When local manufacturing was a difficult option, we decided to manufacture in India. Our aim has always revolved around Indianising the products so that it is by India and for India. Digisol wants to be one of the key drivers of Digital India and is well placed to do so, with a wide array of products like routers, enterprise wireless solutions, switches, IP surveillance solutions and structured cabling solutions. The core strength of Digisol is networking, which is an integral part of making digitally connected India a reality. We have technology and infrastructure to do that. We have been in the manufacturing sector for the last two and a half decades and have always contributed to the Indian economy by manufacturing networking products in India.

Q. How do you see your company in the near future?

A. Looking at how we have performed over the years and the present trajectory of the Indian economy, I want us to emerge as India’s most preferred networking brand. Usually, customers look for a brand that offers one-stop solutions and when it comes to networking, ours is probably the only brand that has got such a huge product folio that is well suited for the local, as well as the international market. Besides, trust is the most important aspect in the success of any consumer brand and we are delighted with the trust that our consumers have in us and we promise to retain it in the coming years.

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