To ignite the spirit of service to Humanity

cover story

Peace does not simply mean the absence of war. It is the condition of holistic human development. Nonviolent
political and social activists like M.K. Gandhi and A.J. Muste claimed that “there is no way to peace,
peace is the way.” Humanity is synonymous with the idea of a just peace where positive values guide human
actions. Interlinked with peace and humanity, and influenced by these, is the concept of welfare. Social,
political, and economic welfare cannot be achieved in isolation. They are essential components of an idea of
welfare that becomes meaningful when it is enlivened by justice, peace, humanity, and spiritualism.

For India, a nation trying to make the leap from being a developing to a developed country, resolving the basic
question of “what kind of development do we need” is of critical importance. On it hinges our future. BE’s
special issue on Humanity, Peace, and Welfare takes a look at some of the major concerns impacting our
narrative of development, and shaping our policies at national and international levels. These relate to
conventional/physical security concerns like threats to peace and the power of humanitarian economy to nonconventional/socio-economic security needs like green earth, health and education for all, women empowerment, and the role of a free and objective media. This comprehensive coverage is guided by a single notion: there can be no human wellbeing without spiritual wellbeing. Anything else, will give short-term benefit to a few. For enduring, widespread development, the triad of humanity, peace, and wellbeing is the way.