May , 2018
Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation redresses grievances in 24 hours
16:44 pm

B.E. Bureau

The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation is a newly born corporation and has undertaken some innovative projects pertaining to environmental conservancy, beautification and waste management along with making it more transparent and accountable to the citizens. BE’s Anustup Roy Barman spoke to Debasish Jana, Councillor, Ward No. 32 of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and MMIC, Conservancy Department, BMC about the new projects that have been undertaken.

Q. When it comes to policy implementation and providing services to the citizens, what are the challenges that do you face? How do you deal with them?

A. The working of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is focused on providing service.  It is important to locate the problems and provide relevant solutions. The main concern for us at the moment is to combat the monsoon season and to keep the sewage system glitch free. Our corporation can be divided into two broad categories. The first is the planned Salt Lake region and the second part is the unplanned Rajarhat region. We are planning to operate around 50 electrical pump houses for the unplanned region during the monsoon so as to combat water-logging. For the planned area, the pumping stations are being updated. Repair works and ancillary works are being done. Additionally, we undertake the open drain cleaning programme throughout the year. The process has been mechanised for our municipal corporation.

Q. What are the new initiatives of your department?

A. We are planning to install an underground drainage system for the unplanned added area. We have also installed compactor stations and mobile compactors are functioning for the congested added areas. Everyday waste cleaning services have been improved. I am focusing on making our municipal corporation a waste free zone. We are trying to install a new technology that will be able to decompose almost every waste material, starting from plastic to organic waste. I will not be able to disclose the name of the technology right now but the citizens of BMC will soon be able to take advantage of it.

Q. How do plan to make the citizens aware of the new initiatives?

A. We have an awareness and advertisement programme. Along with that, we use leaflets, banners, posters and undertake elaborate announcement programmes to enhance awareness. We also stage dramas and screen video footages.

Q. What is the response time of the corporation for readdressing the grievance of the citizen?

A. We have a cell for readdressing the grievances of the citizenry. Most of the grievances and advices come through letters. All emails and letters are replied within 24 hours. Along with this, we also have a policy for certification. After completion of any work, we get back to the citizens with a form where they are able to certify the work that is being done by municipal authorities.

Q. Has the BMC been able to undertake single window clearances?

A. It is difficult to implement single window clearances completely as there is delimitation of various services. However, most of the permission processes have been centralised. Along with this, we have a centralised section for grievances and advices. This section does the initial sorting of the received correspondence and then further distributes them to the concerned departments.

Q. What are your plans about waste management and waste segregation?

A. In case of solid waste management, we have organised door to door collection of waste materials. Sweeping of roads and vats take place regularly and it has also been mechanised. Along with this, the markets have been provided with proper waste bins. The waste material collected from the municipal area goes straight to the municipal dumping ground. We are taking fast strides towards making our municipal corporation a waste free area. We are motivated towards keeping the city clean and beautified. The boulevards and the islands have also been beautified.

Q. How do you assess the lengthy power cuts during torrential rain and storm?

A. Actually, the main power stations are shut down during any natural calamity to avoid any accident. Storms might uproot lampposts and power posts and if electricity is still flowing when these are uprooted, there may be accidents. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do in this regard. However, the power is turned on soon after the storm.

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