May , 2018
Divine Organics: India’s first COSMOS V2 organic beauty care brand
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Euromonitor International’s recent research states that skin care is one of the key revenue drivers in beauty segment and by 2019, India will emerge as a primary growth market. Within skin care, there is a growing demand for natural and organic products.

Divine Organics is the first Indian brand to get certified by ECOCERT, which is a certificating body for natural and organic products. This certification ensures that the products of Divine Organics are made of organic and natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals. The brand aims at protecting the environment by choosing organic farming, ethical sourcing and a more sustainable packaging.  The brand was recently launched in Kolkata. Gautam Dhar, CEO, Divine Organics spoke to BE’s Varsha Singh.


Q. What is the speciality of Divine Organics?

A. Divine Organics is India’s first COSMOS V2 organic (world’s highest organic certification level) beauty care brand specialised in skincare, body care and hair care products. We have been certified by ECOCERT, the very first and the world’s largest certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics. We are the only certified Indian brand that produces authentic organic products. We believe in the true concept of organics and produce 100% pure and organic products to ensure that the balance between healthy lifestyle and healthy environment is maintained.

Q. Why do you think consumers today are more inclined towards purchasing organic products or ayurvedic beauty products?

A. Almost all beauty care brands use additives in their products that leave side effects. Synthetic chemicals and colours are often used in skin care products and they lead to skin diseases. Organic products are free from toxic ingredients and complement a healthy lifestyle and that makes them more desirable. 

Q. What is the range of products that you offer? What about the men’s segment?

A. Our product ranges from a variety of face washes, scrubs, toners, day and night creams, hair and skin serums, age defense solutions, shampoos and are available at different stores across the country and on e-commerce platforms. The products that we produce are unisex and can be used by men and women. We are planning to introduce a specific range of products for men very soon.

Q. How is your product different from other organic products available in the market?

A. The other organic brands claim to be organic but entail no certification and do not mention the percentage of organic ingredients used. We are certified and believe in transparency. We mention the percentage of organic ingredients used for our products.    

Q. What is the difference between organic, herbal and ayurveda when it comes to beauty products?

A. Herbal products are a combination of chemicals and plant extracts like leaves, roots, etc. It may also contain pesticides used during farming practices. Ayurveda is the oldest of science and use herbs and heavy metals like silver, sulphur in the production which also contains high percentage of chemicals and may be harmful for the skin. Organic products are those which are made out of natural and organically grown plant derived ingredients. Most of the ingredients in the case of organic products are sourced from organic farming.

Q.  How is Divine Organics planning to attract Indian consumers?

A. We undertake special visibility drives at the top notch multi-brand cosmetic retail outlets across the country to attract customers. They are also informed and educated about the brand through high decibel digital campaigns, print media campaigns and through activities inside beauty shops. We are planning to follow these up by a mass electronic media campaign.

Q. Are your products available online? How is the online market doing?

A. Yes, we are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Shopclues and will soon be followed by other big e-commerce players. We are also working on our own e-commerce channel.

Q. Where do you see your company in three years from now?

A. We launched in the north and west of India in December 2017 and within a span of four months, we created our presence across the major cities of the north, west and eastern zones and will soon roll over to the southern states and also venture into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets. We are planning to be present across 300-350 top multi brand retail cosmetic outlets in India including some modern trade chains. In three years from now, Divine Organics plans to become a `300 crore company with a brand value close to 1500 crore.

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