November , 2017
eJOHRI- India’s omni-channel platform for online jewellery
13:39 pm

Varsha Singh

eJOHRI is a new addition to India’s e-commerce industry and is dedicated to providing an online jewellery shopping experience to consumers with offline connect. It is India’s omni-channel platform that has a large number of jewellers showcasing their designs online. By providing a common platform to most of the renowned jewellers across India, it acts as an online facilitator. BE’s Varsha Singh spoke to Shailen Mehta, Founder and CEO, eJOHRI about their venture.

Q. What made you come up with eJOHRI?

A. Today, e-commerce plays a very crucial role and we have been associated with the jewellery industry for the past 10 years with our brand ‘Divine Solitaire’. Over the years, we saw the need for an omni channelled marketplace where jewellers could exhibit their best products and customers could get a chance to discover from a wide range of products across the best brands. Having a keen understanding of the needs of the jewellers as well as customers, we decided to merge our expertise with technology through eJOHRI.

Q. How many brands are linked with eJOHRI?

A. Currently, we have 50 plus jewellers across India associated with us. The major brands include Waman Hari Pethe (Mumbai), Ranka Jewellers (Pune), Adgaon Kar Saraf (Nasik), Ghanasingh Mahesh (Mumbai), IBJA Gold (Mumbai), Shree Balkrishna Jewellers (Jamnagar) and many others.

Q. Who are your major investors?

A. The promoters have started this project by putting in their own money and are now seeking investors at a reasonable valuation.

Q. Who is your target audience?

A. We cater to a diverse portfolio of customers and for a varied array of needs. Usually, the target group is technologically empowered men and women of above 25 years of age. We are a great brand for customers to explore products before procuring jewellery. We cater to those double income households who suffer from the perennial time crunch associated with physical jewellery shopping. Also due to our associations with more than 50 renowned jewellery brands, customers who are loyal towards their favourite jewellers can avail the same by surfing and purchasing through eJOHRI. Another key target market is customers in tier-3 and tier-4 towns who usually make day trips to bigger cities to purchase their jewellery (usually gold jewellery). We save them a lot of time and energy. We also experience strong demand from migrants and NRIs.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. eJOHRI has a 7-day no questions asked return policy for all the customers residing in India. For all returns made by the customer in India within seven days of purchase, eJOHRI will directly refund the entire amount to its patrons who have purchased jewellery through eJOHRI.

Q. Is the sale the same throughout the year or does it fluctuate during certain seasons?

A. It is common knowledge that the sale of jewellery is higher during the festive season. But we usually have sales throughout the year as we have a huge collection of products for daily wear in our inventory.

Q. Which category sells the most?

A. Pendants, earrings, and gold coins are hugely popular.

Q. Do you have a jewellery collection for men as well?

A. Yes, we have a unique collection of men’s jewellery. We have men’s rings, watches, spectacle frames, gemstones etc. But we generally record higher sales in the women’s category.

Q. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

A. As we are the first digital marketplace for premium jewellers across India, we already have 12,000 plus products listed on our website. In a years’ time we are looking at having 200 plus jewellers with more than 40,000 plus listed products on eJOHRI. We hope it would be the most desirable website for customers intending to buy jewellery.

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