July , 2019
Healthy lifestyle – A new religion
12:57 pm

Dr. Madhavi Thoke

Many of us today know that good health practices include a healthy diet, 30 minutes of walking, good eight hours of sleep, and abstinence from smoking and drugs. Yet, we face the problem of plenty like fatty food chaos, nutritional deficiencies, and lifestyle disorders. With the ease of access to technology, media and tele-communications, the dream of individuality in a global village has come true today. Practice of medicine has evolved tremendously from combating epidemics to providing hi-tech treatments for rare diseases. Transplanting livers or hearts and giving new leases of life have become an everyday phenomenon in the medical fraternity. Yet, ages ago, Socrates had envisioned the same. He had identified the future of medicine in the practice of inclusive medicine minimising disability, giving longevity filled with well-being and a life-free of pain.

We all need guidelines and help for a healthy way of life at every phase and stage of our being. Many future traits are cultivated as a foetus grows in a mother’s womb. So, a foetus growing in an ambience of good nutrition, especially rich in iron and calcium and happy environment is ensured a healthy being. 

Delivery of a baby gives birth to a mother. Grooming oneself for motherhood with the help of experts can avoid common problems like anaemia, growth and development issues, childhood obesity and dental caries. After the birth of a child, a mother develops a nestling reflex. Understanding the psychological and physical changes and the role as a mother can help prevent postpartum depression, gestational disability and back aches. Infancy and childhood need special attention for growth, milestone monitoring and proper vaccinations. Understanding the exact need of proteins and calories needs to be given a lot of focus. A mother prepared to deal with anaemia, diarrhoea, asthma and worm infestations will be a unit of happy mother and child.

In the present competitive world, even the preadolescents have their special health needs. Even 8 and 9 year-olds go through a lot of psychological, hormonal and physical changes. Seeds of many future health issues, physical and mental well-being may get sown in this phase depending on the type of health culture provided. Proper and healthy concept of body image, good sleep, ample outdoor activities and sports can ensure a healthy child.

Adolescence is full of energy and dynamism, full of dreams and tremendous efforts to achieve them and it calls for certain health needs. Cultivating a habit of timely diet, hygienic practices, and positive ways of dealing with peer pressure can avoid many future health problems. This is the time when diseases like acidity, GI disturbances, PCOD, obesity, kidney stones and others can inflect an adolescent and taking necessary precautions is a good idea.

Pre-marriage, marriage and post-marriage is a transition zone in life. Contrary to the ease in a joint family culture, the evolvement of the nuclear families has led to an increase in stress induced diseases which gradually start creeping in with time. A mother and daughter should have a healthy dialogue to understand the realistic health needs around this time. Too many expectations and too much ignorance make problems difficult to treat. In the middle of settling down, shaping careers, multitasking for working mothers, timely activities for distressing and detoxifying is a necessity. Adequate sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding long hours of sitting can prevent untimely heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

As one crosses forties, one needs to prepare themselves for menopause and andropause. Keeping a positive attitude and being content with the life spent is necessary for good health. At the same time, being aware of our own health issues, understanding them, timely monitoring and proper knowledge of our own medication is essential. Health should be the top priority and be treated as a duty. Regular walks, yoga, meditation, eating fruits, taking and giving breaks may bring wonders in life. At Suasth, as the name implies we plan to cater to every health need at every stage of life for one and all with a dedicated team of doctors working with quest for perfection, excellence and complete knowledge amidst world class infrastructure and technology.

The author is a general physician associated with Suasth Hospital.


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