September , 2018
NIIT‘s Talent Pipeline Service creates trained manpower
18:01 pm

Isha Chakraborty

The digital industry is expected to produce around 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020. With 3.9 million employees, the IT industry is the largest private sector employer in India and the sector will need an extra 2.5 to 3 million professionals by 2025. However, the IT sector faces uncertainty of demand and only wishes to hire people who are skill-ready. The banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors are now dealing with a situation wherein the work profile is changing dramatically. As per the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report titled, “Indian Banking 2020: Making the Decade’s Promise Come True”, 70% of banking and finance jobs would be in sales and relationship management by 2020. This means that employees with new skill sets would be hired across the BFSI sector.

Sapnesh Lalla, Chief Executive Officer, NIIT, spoke to BE about their ‘Talent Pipeline Service’ and said, “It is a service that enables us to create a reliable supply of specifically trained manpower for companies who want to make sure that their employees are ready to do the job from the day they join. We work with organisations in technology, IT, banks, financial services, mortgage, loan companies, NBFC’s etc.”

Lalla also mentioned, “Companies who have dedicated units in India, who have a constant requirement of talent, it is their desire to ensure that the talent they get is trained so that they get productive from day one. What we do to enable is that we build partnerships with colleges, from different genres, where colleges are responsible for building the fundamentals of these students. We take over from that point and impart skills that they would need to be able to do a job. After that, we offer them to our industry partners who tend of be top tier IT companies, banks, and financial service companies.”Apart from training the students according to their choice of studies and making them industry ready, NIIT is also focusing on building better relationship between colleges and companies in order to facilitate job linked contacts. Lalla also said, “Every sector has a specific and different need according to which things are customised and people are trained.”




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