January , 2019
P. C. Chandra Jewellers - A jewel of jewels
14:35 pm

B.E. Bureau

P. C. Chandra Jeweller is a household name of East India and enjoys the trust and admiration of its patrons for almost eight decades now. Started in 1939 with its first showroom in Bowbazaar, North Kolkata by its founder Shri Purna Chandra Chandra, today it enjoys it presence globally.

P. C. Chandra boasts of its magnificent workmanship in its hand-crafted pieces of fine jewellery for every occasion.

“Today, in a dynamic universe of customer preferences, the perception of jewellery usage is also changing. While gold remains the primary preference of jewellery on the wedding day, we have had to marry the conventional designs to contemporary look and feel, in order to stay relevant. Our latest Wedding Collection has been crafted, keeping the new age customer requirements in mind”, says Suvro Chandra, Jt. Managing Director of the company. 

Keeping the customer’s preferences in mind, the traditional gold jewellery like Sitahaar, Raani Haar and others have been relooked at, with the infusion of fresh motif designs. Besides these mesmerizing beauties, re-entrants like Cocktail Ring, Mathapatti, Bridal Choker, Haath Phool and Kamarbandh are steadily gaining popularity among the newer generations. The hand crafted Meenakari work, with its minute detailing and a vivid variety of colours, deserves special mention here.

Another new phenomenon is the growing affinity of customers to diamond jewellery on the day of the reception and P. C. Chandra diamond collections are all ready to help the modern bride-to-be dazzle the world in her reception look.


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