December , 2018
Poetry of the universe
17:22 pm

Africa Leon

Universe etymologically means “one verse, one song”. The highest dimension of a human being is the spirit. It is our immortal and eternal essence. Poetry is the voice of the soul. Language is the most powerful instrument to go beyond words. Nothing can bring us so close to the distant. Poetry is bread and water; it is the nourishment of our spiritual evolution. We all write an invisible book throughout our lives. This is a short article, but I propose to you, my dearest reader, to do a journey together, from the synthesis of poetry to some concrete poems I wrote for you.

Sonnet A

With fierce eagerness you are at your service

And you snatch away all the goods

From the whole world and without looking at who,

Your greed leaves no waste left

That obsession focusing in self-interest,

That insatiable usury on your own benefit,

that voracious ambition swallowing your brains,

But great virtue is in you such a vice.

It is my love that goes so powerful,

it is what I can´t give you with my altruism.

And in my absence, you will become so covetous,

With my love, more you will love yourself.

If I can´t give you more from my generosity,

from inside you, I will love you up to selfishness


Sonnet B

Whoever you are, I love you.

I saw you outside and anonymous I call you.

I saw you inside and I call you mate.

All I know about you is that I love you.

Give to my eyes the time to come

And years towards your image I claim you,

But towards the center of you that I worship

In an instant the soul made that path.

I know it is you and your name I ignore

But all your invisible is so evident

Like a stranger I've recognised.

The eye sees, the spirit foresees,

The body feels, the heart forebodes

And knows the unknown love.


Sonnet C

All the adjacent being asked me

why am I You in everything I emanate.

I'm so distinct to the distant neighbour,

me and the others or the others and me.

Oh! How great and double is my amazement, oh!

To break in two species human being,

And how does each brother survive?

I know you and I love you. They do not.

The face does not distinguish people

as You as a such a deep identity.

Being You, to my soul that rostrum

how little the appearance identifies.

Loving you gives me that uniqueness,

being so different to the similar ones.


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