August , 2017
Saroj Gupta Hospital turns despair to hopeh
15:06 pm

Anustup Roy Barman

Arpan Sardar was studying in class IX when he was detected with leukaemia (blood cancer). Hailing from a poor family in a remote village, he received it like a death sentence. After being turned down by two hospitals, he recieved help at Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre & Research Institute (SGCCRI), Thakurpukur. The friendly atmosphere in the lap of nature with toy train, amusement park among others failed to motivate Arpan for treatment. He was very depressed. All his dreams were shattered. Tests confirmed it was a potentially curable leukaemia although the cost of treatment was huge, especially the medicines. The hospital management, along with support of some NGOs, managed to bring down the cost considerably. The treatment started under Dr. R. N. Ghosh and Dr. Soma De. However, Arpan refused to talk to anyone and have his feeds. That's when Music & Art therapist Papri Saha stepped in to help him pick up painting. He was shaky initially. But gradually he picked up the skills. It made him happy. His skills impressed a big corporate house and they bought his painting for`2 lakhs. Its been more than five years since he completed his treatment and been declared disease-free. He could barely study but still managed to complete class XII. He wanted to go to an art college but his parents can barely afford two square meals a day for the family of four including his sister. Like his grandfather, Arpan has started creating idols of Goddess Durga and the first one was sold to Rotary Club for` 6000. He is hoping to earn enoughwith his subsequent creations to fund his sisters education andhis training in an art college. Secretary of SGCCRI Anjan Gupta has approached different individuals and NGOs to come forward and support him in his endeavour to be a great artist and to be an example to many cancer victims and motivate cancer survivors.

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