September , 2018
Sikkim – where tourism blends with adventure
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Tourists are increasingly seeking vacations with activities. Adventure tourism has evolved as a popular tourism trend and is now exceedingly popular among young travellers. Sikkim hosts a number of options for travellers seeking adventure.


Sikkim offers some of the finest trekking experiences in the world. The state’s vast unspoiled mountain ranges are the trekker’s delight. Most of the trek routes pass through forests of silver fir, hemlock, magnolia, and rhododendron. The mesmerising view of the Khangchendzonga in the background adds to the magic. The Dzongri-Goecha La trek is the most popular trek in the state and is famed for its spectacular views. Additionally, the route is rich in flora and fauna and trekkers can get a feel of pristine nature. In summer, this trekking route is alive with meadows of blooming flowers and is truly a spectacle to behold.

The trek to the Green Lake, located at the base of Mt. Khangchendzonga on the Zemu glacier in northern Sikkim is also very popular. The trekking route is alive with blossoming flowers, rhododendrons, primulas and blue poppies in summer.

Sikkim offers some other picturesque trekking destinations. Some of the other popular treks are Monastic trek,  Rhododendron trek, Khangchendzonga trek, Coronation trek, Khedi trek, Singalila trek, Samartek trek, Rinchenpong/Soreng trek, Himalayan trek (South Sikkim), Tosar Lake trek (North Sikkim), Maenam Hill trek (South), Tendong Hill trek, Tinjurey (Chuli dara) trek. The preferable season to go for the Monastic trek is from March to May and from October to December. For the Rhododendron trek, the preferable time is from March to May and for the Khangchendzonga trek, it is from middle of March to middle of June and from October to December. The best time to go for the Coronation trek and Khedi trek is from October to December and for the Singalila trek, it is from the middle of May to October. The best time to undertake the Samartek trek is from middle March to middle June and from October to December. The Rinchenpong / Soreng trek can be best attempted between April and June and from October to December. The Himalayan trek is best undertaken from April to June and from October to December.

The route for the Monastic trek is through Pemayangtse-Sangacholing-Khecheopalri-Hongri-Sinon-Tashiding-Ralong. There are two routes for the Rhododendron trek. One is through Hilley/Soreng-Barsey-Dentam-Pemayangtse and another is through Hilley - Barsey - Jorbutey - Kalijar - Chewabhabjang-Uttary. For the Khangchendzonga trek, one has to follow the route through Yuksom - Bkhim - Tsoka - Dzongri - Thangsing/Kokchurong-Lamuni/Chaurigang-Goechala/Rathong glacier. The Coronation trekking route goes through Rumtek-Sang-Yangyang-Ravang-Tashiding-Yuksom. The Khedi trek route passes via Assam Lingzey-Pashing Teng Kha (Base Camp, 1425m)-Chauri Kharka-Do Bato-Khedi-Sela Pass (3150m) -Do Basti-Tal Kharka-Nugang-Passang Teng Kha. The Singalila trek has two routes. One is through Uttarey-Chewabhanjang-Dhor (Wahong)-Sikkim Megu-Dafey Bhir-Gomanthang/Boktok and another is via Pelling- Nambu- Chongri- Yambung-Dafeybhir- Gomathang- Tegyapla- Dzongri- Thanghshing-Lamuney-Kokchurong-Tsokha - Yuksom - Tegyapla - Bikbari-Dzongri Tsoka-Yuksom. The Samartek trek follows the route through Kodong-Dokshing-TsenKhong-Lenchok-Samartek-Pakchong-Kungo-Kuling Nae (Cave) Gungramgampo-Singhik-Dak Bungalow. The route of Rinchenpong/Soreng trek goes through Kaluk-Rinchenpong Dak bunglalow-Rigsum Gumpa-Kalud-Sribadam Jhandi Dara-Soreng. The Himalayan trek (South Sikkim) follows the route Namchi (Base camp)-Tendong-Damthang-Ravangla-Maenam-Bhaley Dhunga-Yangyang-Sinchuthang-Bermoik - Parbing - Namchi. The Tosar Lake trek (North Sikkim) starts from Mangan and then goes through Naksuk-Sohar Dhe-Soahar Antsok-Patam-Tosar Lake-Mayong Tar-Kalep Mangan. The Meanam Hill trek (South) follows the way through Rabong-Meanam-Balleydunga-Ralong-Rabong. The route for Tendong Hill trek passes through Dentam-Tendong-Samdruptse–Namchi. Tinjurey (Chuli dara) trek is actually a leisure trek

from Gangtok.


Sikkim is slowly emerging as a popular paragliding destination. The state attracts adventure seekers from all across the world. It is the home to excellent launching ridges and offers one of the best paragliding experiences in the country. The Sikkim government has plans to introduce cave tourism and golf tourism. They are also planning to build horse racing course and a reptile park to augment their tourism industry.

Tribute to the icons of adventure

Tenzing Hillary Park was built on the fringes of the Singalila range. It was so named to honour Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary, who were the first two individuals in the world to reach the summit of Mount Everest. It is the UNESCO recognised world culture and heritage site at the hill top of Uttarey bazaar in West Sikkim. This park attracts a large number of tourists and is an ideal spot for various adventure related activities.




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