March , 2020
Sustainable CSR Projects Power IPCL’s Growth
14:46 pm

B.E. Bureau

For any power utility to thrive and grow sustainably, seamless ties with its key stakeholder groups are critical.

While in the distribution segment, excellent rapport with the local administration, law-enforcement agencies, and civil society organisations is vital, a generation plant displaces people and it is of prime importance to support and handhold those who give up their land to function smoothly in those geographies.

At India Power, we believe in walking and growing together with all the people we serve in an ambience of mutual trust. One of the major engines that powers that trust is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. India Power’s CSR strategy is focused on sustainability. It creates business value by factoring in the social and environmental impacts of conducting business.

To us, CSR is not a perfunctory exercise as mandated by Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. It is basic hygiene and runs in our DNA, constituting a carefully-crafted model to ensure growth in business. CSR is the glue that binds all our major stakeholders – government, political leaders, and the media – which impacts our business positively.

We are invested in long-term improvement in the quality of life of the communities we touch through our businesses. The rewards we reap thanks to our sustainable CSR programmes are significant and underlines the potential of business gains through earnest community-development efforts.

Constant advocacy with key government functionaries, politicians, police, and media representatives has ironed out the creases in our CSR drive, ensuring their continued support. For instance, our new initiatives, Project Shakti, Ananya, Medha, #giftgreen, Rarh Bangla Karigari Mela, and Swastha Samriddhi are designed with the objective to uplift women of Leprosy colonies, women entrepreneurs, meritorious girl students, artisans of Bengal’s Rarh region who have all overcome stiff odds to become agents of change. These have been hugely appreciated by social workers, government agencies, and local administrative bodies.

Clearly, our sustainable CSR initiatives are not only creating business value by multiplying customer base and boosting bottomlines, but also by enhancing India Power’s corporate reputation, while spreading a sense of cheer and collective pride across our team members.

CSR is our credo. We believe we have only just scratched the surface. Communities out there in our business backyard need our help and we are ever poised to chip in and plug the gaps. What matters to us is the smile we can potentially bring to their faces. The fruits will follow.


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