March , 2018
We have been trying to raise awareness regarding spirituality
14:20 pm

Sunil Kanoria

Vice Chairman, Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited


Today, our former President Pranab Mukherjee has shared in his speech how India can share its perspective stronger through spirituality, which has originated here in this country. We, as a family, are greatly blessed to have our father imbibe in us values and spirituality. Through this confluence we have been trying to create awareness on how spirituality can add values in our lives.

I have personally experienced spirituality. It is the energy within us and we need to become aware of it as our Governor and many other speakers have also said. Power is within all of us and we need to recognise that. There is a solution to every challenge or as we say to every problem. We just need to put efforts to use the energy and power within us to realise the strength that God has given us and strive how to use it for the betterment of the environment and society and for ourselves.

The topic for today is- ‘Is India’s strength in its spirituality?’ One very important aspect may be pointed out and I wanted to share that. We always confuse spirituality with religion. The words of Swami Vivekananda may be remembered in this respect. As mankind, we need to be taught that religions are the vivid expressions of our oneness and the only religion is this oneness. Each may choose the path that suits him the best and therefore, the overall thought process of this confluence and the drive for Sach Bharat is to basically create that awakening again and strengthen the country. Finally, to quote Swamiji again in terms of how strong our souls are – “Each soul is potentially divine.” The goal is to manifest this divinity within us. Strength is life. Weakness is death. Swamiji had said, “If you are my children fear nothing, stop at nothing. You will be like lions. We must arouse India and the whole world. Never say no. Never say I cannot for we are infinite.”

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