February , 2018
What Does “Being Child Of God” Mean?
15:29 pm

Rajeev Bhargava

For a man who may be self-styled happy and contented in his life, it is necessary even for him to develop and depend on divine qualities because it is the path which is im-portant for happiness and success.

A] Let us presume ourselves to be child of Supreme Father. This very thought of accepting ourselves as HIS child entails a lot as under: -

(i) We being his child, it automatically exhorts us to imbibe all his divine qualities. Sincere devotion, resignation to the Supreme Father and feeling of joy in pondering HIM ensures spiritual qualities to start coming to us automatically.

(ii) Further, it also automatically makes us responsible and duty bound to carry out HIS instructions obediently.

(iii) If everything happens by the will/instructions of GOD, does it mean that our willing si also subject to GOD’s will? How are we to know GOD’s will?

Being His child, Supreme Father has to execute his will through us because God does not have body. This world is a drama-stage wherein we are being conducted as a player/instrument by him to execute the jobs assigned by HIM. Awareness of res-ponsibility amongst us to carry out his instructions and to carry out jobs assigned by him, leads us to ‘a’ realization that we have to work as his instruments and continue to do Purusharth (Efforts) every moment in remembrance of Supreme Father. This realization exhorts us to pursue the purpose of our existence to carry out HIS instructions dispassionately with purity, with benevolence and with ‘Present’ in mind.

(iv) We also have to thank HIM every moment not only for shielding ourselves from getting puzzled but also for prioritizing HIS instructions from time to time. THIS EXERCISE IS A VERY SIMPLE EXERCISE. Just a smiling look towards him. He prioritizes and does immediately additions/ sustractions for us. Child of God does addition / subtraction to what is planned for the day, with his permission only. We have not to worry about what is left, why? As it is again his wish.

(v) Realization as God’s child also signifies that we do not belong to this materialistic world though being in the world. This automatically generates thoughts which are not ‘individual based’. Individual based thoughts arise out of attachment which quite often create issues, out of no issue. This realization of not belonging to this materialistic world creates environment wherein actions and thoughts are without any attachment but are with a holistic approach which brings happiness and enjoyment.

B] How does all this Happen? Beginners in the pursuit of relevance of spirituality at this stage are required to appreciate that all this happens because the term ‘Child of God’ is to be perceived as Atma / Soul and that gets armoured by abundance of guidance, knowledge energy from Supreme Father because of the connection getting established between Soul and Supreme Soul.

The more we become experienced in his process, we realise that finally our duty every minute is to introduce supreme father in this world. Objective of being in this world is to improve the purity of Self (Soul), to do Purusharth carrying out His instructions and to live like lotus flower.

C] Summarizingly, who am ‘I’ gives rise to self-realization.

When we speak that we are ‘Atma’, the connection with Supreme Soul is established.

When we speak that we are ‘Pure-Atma’, then we create room for HIS guidance. When we speak that we are ‘Peaceful-Atma’, then our thoughts get lined with Supreme Soul. Finally contentment is the outcome.

The Child of GOD working with detachment in the devotional spirit without any personal consideration gains GOD’s grace. GOD then places him in his own seat and thus the child of GOD attains this exalted state to carry out divine service to society.

D] When Does Almighty Stop Working Through You – He must find us totally pure and calm. Generation of thoughts about the past or future or about the individuals invite vices and make us impure, Then we are not ‘issue-based’ but individual based.

We are nowhere, no longer His child. He cannot give instruction to us.


The author is a Former General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata

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