April , 2021
“It’s All a Matter of Perception”
13:54 pm

B.E. Bureau

  For the seventh episode of Turiya Talks Season 7, the renowned actor Amit Bharghav was invited to discuss on his journey as a Tollywood Actor with the host of the show, Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder of Turiya Communications. Mr.Bharghav is a renowed actor, singer plus a writer. He mentioned that south industry has a very high budget and it’s a very vibrant cinema space with distinct cinema cultures. He mentioned about how difficult it was to cope up with Chennai and its language as he belonged from Bangalore and he had to learn Tamil from scratch along with its culture, jokes and the whole cinema.He also mentioned about how tough it is for a person who comes from a upper middle class family to be treated like nothing and how he had to swallow his pride at many places and one isn’t anything until and unless he hasn’t proved himself/herself. It was difficult for him to make connections also as nobody knew about his existence and to be accepted by everyone. He mentioned about how they promote a lot of talent in Tollywood and in the whole South Industry and as long as one enjoys being in the Tamil Industry a star is definitely made. He said that Tollywood’s biggest actors are products of Nepotism and there is a lot of craze amongst people to watch movies in Telangana. Singing had always been a part of him as his mother sings beautifully and music has always been around him and it gives him a lot of happiness. Everyone is welcomed in the South Industry but needs to be very passionate about it.In the concluding note, he blessed Turiya Communications and Turiya Talks for its initiative and asked them to try and always stay in the limelight as “out of sight means out of mind.”

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