June , 2024
“Silence will not protect Women”
20:42 pm

B.E. Bureau

Acid Survivors & Women Welfare Foundationin collaboration with the West Bengal Federation of  United Nations Associations announced the launch of their campaign “Silence Will Not Protect Women” on 29th May 2024 at ICCR, Kolkata in the presence of Mr. Manish Gupta, IAS (Retd.), Former Member of Parliament, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, Former Chief of Air Staff of India, Mr. Surajit Kar Purkayastha, IPS (Retd.), Chairman of Satyendranath Tagore Civil Service Study Centre, West Bengal, Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Trustee, ASWWF, Mr. Sitaram Sharma, Chairman, WEBFUNA, and Dr. Rahul Varma, Vice Chairman & CEO, ASWWF. 

The following distinguished personalities were also present during the launch of the campaign - Ms. Rita Bhimani, Founder CEO; Ritam Communications, Ms. Alokananda Roy, Indian Classical Dancer, Ms. Santa Kundu, Classical Singer, Ms. Reshmi Dutta Flanders, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent, UK, Ms. Rupkatha Sarkar, Principal, La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata, Ms. Joyeeta Basu, Educationist, Social Activist, Secretary Concern for Kolkata; and Ms. Shravani Sarkar Neogi, Founder, Secretary-cum-Director, South Kolkata Hamari Muskan Foundation. Other dignitaries included Mr. Imran Zaki, President of FACES, Non-profit Organisation and Dr. Satnam Singh Alluwalia, Chairman, IHA Foundation & other dignitaries.

Good evening! Jai Hind 

Eminent personalities and brothers and sisters present here today I welcome you all to the launching of the campaign, “Silence will not protect Women”. Through this campaign our vision is to create awareness of wiping out acid and other forms of violence against women from India through social, educational and regulatory procedures.  Acid violence is very heinous and is like living death. Permanent scars remain and dignity is lost. As the inhuman crime of acid violence was a growing menace worldwide especially in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Cambodia and Uganda it was also increasing in India. At this juncture in 2010; I founded Acid Survivors & Women’s Welfare Foundation with the mission & vision of eradicating acid violence in India and extending help to recover from trauma.   With violence against women continuing to spread in India and across the world, we can no longer remain silent. We must raise our voice in unison to stop this menace and endeavour to promote an enlightened attitude towards human rights, gender equality, women's awakening and empowerment.  Our Foundation is working for awakening women power, social justice, treatment/ rehabilitation by skilling and self- employment, surgery, skin grafting, psychological treatment and financial assistance to support themselves and their dependents.

Thank you once again for gracing this occasion and inspiring all of us.

Om, Amin, Amen, Ek Onkar, Ahura Mazda.

The campaign had launched at ICCR, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata on 29th May 2024

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