May , 2018
“There will be about 2 million jobs created in India due to booming internet penetration” Manu Jolly
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The digital landscape in India is witnessing a paradigm shift. About 87% brands leverage digital marketing techniques and 38% of them allocate around one-third of their budget to digital marketing. India has emerged as a high potential country in terms of digitalisation. A Times Internet study indicates that digital spending rose to 50-55% for some Indian brands and industries. The spending is as high as 75-80% for new age online retail firms.

Digiperform is one of India’s leading digital marketing companies and was established in 2014 by Manu Jolly and Vaibhav Vats. The vision behind the launch of this company was to bridge the gap that exists between the industry’s digital training needs and the availability of trained talent by offering hands-on training programmes and certifications. BE’s Varsha Singh spoke to Manu Jolly, CEO and Co-Founder, Digiperform, about the future of digital marketing in India and its viability.

Q. What is Digiperform and how does it work?

A. Digiperform focuses on delivering high valued digital  marketing curriculum to masses through its learning management  system and certifications. It works on a hybrid training model that is a seamless blend of classroom, online, and virtual learning systems. It has a wide array of over 50 digital marketing  training programmes, designed for 10 different job industries. The platform offers a digital marketing certificate course including Google Adwords Certification Program, E-Commerce Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing to name a few. Digiperform’s trainers include seasoned entrepreneurs,  subject experts and skilled executives. Digiperform has a user base of more than 12,000 trainees and we have more than 25  centres across the country. There will be about 2 million jobs  created in India due to increased internet penetration and we are aiming to train 50,000 students in next three years.

Q. What role did Digiperform had in kick-starting the Digital India initiative?

A. Pacing towards its objective of bridging the gap existing  between the industry’s digital training needs and the availability of training companies, Digiperform has given a major boost to PM Modi’s Digital India Mission. We have created more than 12,000 digital marketers since our inception. The trainees come from various backgrounds and are able to earn average salaries by the virtue of the digital training that they receive from us.

Q. What are the training methods you use at Digiperform?

A. We categorise our trainees into four segments, namely, working professionals, business owners, fresh graduates and freelancers, which include housewives, and undergraduates looking for alternative income. Digiperform’s training is divided in two levels. At the first  level, we have a content panel of over 50 experts hailing from the digital marketing industry. They are behind creating and updating the Digiperform’s content. This content is approved by employees of over 450 companies in India having digital marketing department to meet the exact requirements of employers. On the second level, we have expert trainers who have minimum three years of  experience in various digital marketing segments like SEO, social media, online ads, email marketing, content marketing and lead generation. They validate our training programme and deliver  lectures at our centres across India.

Q. Around 50 million people had their data accessed by  Cambridge Analytica. What does it mean for the future of  social media and how does it impact digital marketing?

A. Each one of us has the choice to share our information on the internet according to our own will. The data access was majorly related to user behaviour and such things might happen in future as well. But at the same time, we must understand that Facebook is leader in social media and their entire value is dependent on keeping our data private. A glitch happened and they are trying to sort it out. One must not worry too much. You don’t stop keeping money in banks after a single bank robbery, do you?

Q. What is the future of digital marketing and how will it  benefit different sectors?

A. Spurred by affordable data and smartphones, India is becoming online at an unprecedented pace. It’s estimated that by 2020, more than 650 million people in India will be connected to the internet.

Better internet penetration has led to several highly-constructive developments and an entire ecosystem of first-generation digital entrepreneurs is currently being created and nurtured. With more and more people getting used to a digital-first lifestyle, digital marketing is increasing the average earning potential by linking professionals to online buyers. Non-metro cities are catching up with metropolitan centres in terms of internet usage. In auto and tech categories, non- metro cities have outperformed metros in terms of search volume. Local language searches too are slowly but surely rising throughout the country. With the need to become more visible and reachable, the digital marketing of tomorrow offers major advancements in emerging technologies through visual experiences.

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